The best DnD 5E magic items

Fancy taking a nice Bag of Holding or Cloak of Protection on your next campaign? From common to legendary, here are the very best DnD 5E magic items

D&D 5E magic items guide - Wizards of the Coast artwork showing a party battling Drow and a Dragon

DnD 5E magic items are some of the best in the game’s history, but, with so many tantalising options, it can be hard to find the right fit for your campaign. Whether you’re a DM looking for the perfect arcane item to hide in your dungeon, or a player on a shopping spree trying to decide between a magic Morningstar or that Bag of Holding, this list will provide a magic item masterclass.

When it comes to DnD 5E magic items, it’s important to remember that some are drastically more powerful than others. A good rule of thumb is to look at how common an item is. Rare magic items are harder to find and more expensive, but they tend to be well worth the extra effort or cost.

If you’re a DM, be careful not to hand out loads of super rare, super powerful magic items to a low-level party, or things will get chaotic real fast. The best 5E magic items can be truly campaign-warping, and if you hand them out like candy, you’ll have to get creative with encounters to maintain any semblance of challenge. While godlike power is never unwelcome, in D&D 5E, magic items that have a small but interesting effect, which encourage players to get creative, can often be more rewarding.

This list will cover all different kinds of D&D magic item, from handy trinkets to devastating artefacts. As you read through, you should quickly get a sense of which will provide the most fun for you and your party. The best DnD 5E magic items spark ideas. Now prepare your Identify spells, because…

These are the best DnD 5E magic items:

DnD 5E magic items guide - Wizards of the Coast artwork showing the Bag of Holding 5E

Bag of Holding 5E

The Bag of Holding is a classic D&D magic item which naturally made its way to 5E. A wonderous, uncommon item, it allows the party to store up to 500 lbs (226 kg) worth of items while always maintaining the weight of 15 lbs.(6.8 kg) As long as the object can fit in the bag’s opening, the bag can hold it.

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A great place for storage – but it’s not without its dangers. If the bag is turned upside down, all the contents spill out. If the bag is overloaded, or takes damage, all items inside the bag are lost to the Astral Plane. Oh, and don’t try to open a portal of any kind in the bag of holding, or else you’ll… ahem… ‘bag’ yourself (and any creatures within ten feet of you) a one-way trip to the Astral Plane.

DnD 5E magic items guide - Wizards of the Coast artwork showing a Cloak of Protection 5E

Cloak of Protection 5e

The Cloak of Protection is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. It’s a cloak that protects you. It’s also another wonderous and uncommon item. Not only does it give a +1 bonus to your armour class, it also grants a +1 to any saving throws made while wearing the cloak.

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Because it has to be on your person, and requires attunement (there’s a limit to how many items you can be attuned to at one time), it’s not going to be the solution for everyone. But if you’ve got a low armour class, it just might be for you.

DnD Magic Items guide: Artwork showing a broom of flying

Broom of Flying 5e

Wondrous Item, Uncommon

Flight is one of those abilities you don’t hand out willy-nilly in D&D, and a DM should plan accordingly before sticking a Broom of Flying in their game. It’s not the ideal 5e magic item to include if the campaign’s main villain sleeps at the top a Wizard‘s Tower with open-air access and all the guards down below, for instance.

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Still, the Broom of Flying does exactly what it says on the tin (you can fly with it). A wonderous and uncommon item, the Broom of Flying is a great tool. If one party member has one it can be used to scout, overcome obstacles, or get a bird’s eye view. If all party members are kitted out with brooms, then navigating tricky, perhaps supernatural, terrain becomes far more viable. You can also command the broom to travel to a location and back, so if you like, it can pick up your shopping.

DnD 5E magic items guide - Wizards of the Coast artwork showing the Wand of Magic Missile 5E

Wand of Magic Missile 5e

Among the simplest, yet most iconic D&D 5E magic items, the Wand of Magic Missile is exactly what it sounds like – a wand (and an uncommon one, at that). Whoever’s got the wand can use an action to cast the spell Magic Missile. The wand has up to seven charges, but, if the player chooses, they can use additional charges each time they use the wand, to cast Magic Missile at a higher level.

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Each in-game day, you’ll roll a d6 +1 to find out how many charges the wand has that day. Be wary, though – if you use up all the charges, you must roll a d20. On a roll of a 1, the wand is destroyed.

DnD 5E magic items guide - Wizards of the Coast artwork showing the Alchemy Jug 5E

Alchemy Jug 5e

The perfect item for a player who likes to think outside the box (or jug), the Alchemy Jug is another uncommon and wonderous item. It’s a one gallon (3.7 litre) jug that can produce liquid on command – with options ranging from acid to honey. You simply spend an action, name a liquid – and hey presto!

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The Alchemy Jug can produce a maximum of 2 gallons (7.5 litres) in one minute, but the maximum amount it can make per day depends on the liquid chosen. As a rule, the more useful a substance, the less of it the jug can make. You’ll need to choose wisely, as once you pick a liquid, you can’t select a different one until the next morning. No good dying of thirst because you wasted your jug on mayonnaise for that arch nemesis who’s allergic to eggs.

DnD 5E magic items guide - Wizards of the Coast artwork showing a Magic Weapon 5E

Magic Weapon 5e

D&D Magic Weapons can vary in price, rarity, and value. Basic magic weapons generally add +1 to your attack roll modifier – but some can do far more incredible things.

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Many Magic Weapons deal different types of elemental damage, or inflict status effects on successful hits. Others are sentient and can talk to their wielder. When stumbling upon a shiny new magical weapon in your D&D 5E game, don’t be too quick to snatch it up! If it seems too good to be true, it usually is; all power comes at a price, and some powerful Magic Weapons come with dastardly curses attached.

DnD 5E magic items guide - Wizards of the Coast artwork showing the Illuminator's Tattoo 5E

Illuminator’s Tattoo 5E

Some 5E magic items aren’t permanent, physical items. For instance, the Illuminator’s Tattoo is a magic needle that, when used to create a tattoo, disappears. The recipient of the tattoo, however, is granted an ability called Magical Scribing. This is a common item (if you can call a tattoo an item, that is), but it still requires attunement.

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This allows them to touch any written message with their fingertip, say someone’s name, and, for the next 24 hours, only the writer and the one whose name was spoken can read the message. If the tattoo is ever removed, the needle reappears, and a new tattoo can be applied to someone else. This is the perfect 5E magic item for the party with a lot of secrets they need to protect. In our experience, that’s every D&D party.

DnD 5E magic items guide - Wizards of the Coast artwork showing the Boots of False Tracks 5E

Boots of False Tracks 5e

A pair of Boots of False Tracks is one of those common magic items that isn’t always useful, but can save your life in the right situation. When a humanoid wears the boots, they can make their tracks appear like the footsteps of another humanoid, provided it’s one that’s roughly the same size.

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This item is particularly helpful for a D&D Ranger scouting ahead of the party, or a D&D Rogue trying to cover up evidence of a stealthy excursion.

DnD 5E magic items guide - Wizards of the Coast artwork showing a Spell Scroll 5E

Spell Scroll 5e

Just as there’s a wide variety of magical weapons, D&D 5E contains a vast selection of different spell scrolls of varying rarity. These are exactly what they sound like: a spell written on a scroll, ready to be cast by a character who’s got the right skills.

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What makes the D&D 5E spell scroll special is that, if you have a scroll for a spell that’s also on your casting list, you don’t have to use up your material components to cast it, as you normally would. However, it is a one-time thing; once the spell is complete, the scroll is destroyed. Still – if you know a great spell, but it has very expensive or rare components, the spell scroll could come in handy.

DnD 5E magic items guide - Wizards of the Coast artwork showing the Circlet of Blasting 5E

Circlet of Blasting 5e

Magic weapons aren’t the only magic items that can do damage. The Circlet of Blasting is a wonderous and uncommon item, a stylish accessory, and an aid in battle. While you are wearing the circlet, you can use an action to cast Scorching Ray, adding an additional +5 to the attack roll.

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While this can only be used once a day, it’s superb for a party member who might need to conserve their limited spell slots, or to lend a helping hand to someone without much magic to begin with.

D&D 5E magic items guide - Wizards of the Coast artwork showing various Ioun Stones 5E

Ioun Stone 5e

An Ioun stone is a very versatile wondrous magic item, with 14 different variant types, ranging from rare to legendary in status. Each type of Ioun stone has a different effect, and they require attunement to make the most of their powers. Some remove the need to eat or drink; some make you stronger; and some can store spells inside, for you to use at a later date. While they’re some of the harder magic items to come by, they are almost always helpful to at least one member of the party.

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Whether you’re a player or a DM, magic items are a fantastic way to encourage creativity, and tide characters over until the next level up. There are hundreds of 5E magic items to choose between, each one with the potential to liven up a game. Never forget that you don’t have to stick with official 5E magic items in your DnD game. There’s nothing to stop you using this list as inspiration when coming up with homebrew content and inventing your own arcane works of art.