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New Deborah Ann Woll DnD adventure takes you to flavor town

Actor Deborah Ann Woll has published her first DnD adventure, and it's all about risking your life for some really good Mac and Cheese.

Deborah Ann Woll talking about her first published adventure

Daredevil actor and famous RPG fan Deborah Ann Woll has written her first published DnD adventure, and it’s all about food. Connected to the cookbook Flavors of the Multiverse, this adventure tasks the heroes with gathering ingredients for magical noodles. You even get a recipe for ‘Kender Stumblenoodles’ to try out in real life at the end.

Woll’s 10th-level adventure, named Heroes’ Feast: Saving the Children’s Menu, released on November 21, 2023, and is available for $4.99 on DnD Beyond. The players’ job will be to investigate a DnD druid’s dairy farm, find out what happened to them, and bring back some magical foodstuffs to – as the title suggests – rescue the children’s menu.

Spoiler alert: the adventure has taken a bit of obvious inspiration from the recent DnD book Bigby Presents: Glory of the Giants, as Fire Giants are the main DnD monster you encounter – both as friends and foes.

Deborah Ann Woll Heroes Feast - A chef with a big knife and fantastical ingredients

Woll is a famous DnD player who has guest-starred in Critical Role and was even the DM of her own show, Demiplane’s recent DnD actual play production Children of Éarte. You can find out more about that in our dedicated Children of Éarte recap guide.

In a video on DnD Beyond, Woll says “It really floored me,” when she received word that Wizards of the Coast wanted to publish her adventure. “It’s validating and I’m grateful in a way that I didn’t actually fully expect.”

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She adds that she’s tried to make the adventure flexible and open, and wants to hear people’s stories of what happened at their table. “I want to hear so bad what the limits of this adventure are,” she says.

For more information about what’s coming up in the world of Dungeons and Dragons, check out our DnD release schedule guide. And if the thought of ‘stumblenoodles’ has you salivating, you might be interested to know about this strange RPG where everything is food.