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Wizards of the Coast hikes DnD book prices by up to 17%

Wizards of the Coast is upping the price of its new DnD book releases starting August, due to rising shipping and production costs.

DnD book - Tasha, a witch from Dungeons and Dragons, holding a spellbook while performing magic.

Reach deep into your bags of holding, RPG fans, as DnD books are about to get more expensive. Wizards of the Coast is increasing the price of its new release books, starting with Bigby Presents: Glory of the Giants, due August 1.

The Dungeons and Dragons publisher says rising costs of goods and shipping are the root cause of the price increase, and claims that before now it has kept book prices stable since 2014. It says it has no plans to change the cost of digital products, which “don’t need to be printed or shipped”. The change also only affects new releases, not copies of older DnD books, though Wizards adds it “can’t promise” that these prices will never change.

According to the announcement, digital-physical bundles for Bigby Presents: Glory of the Giants are rising from $59.95 to $69.95, an increase of approximately 17%. (It can be preordered at the lower price however). No other price changes, for books further down the DnD release schedule, are given. It would seem sensible though to expect physical-only products to increase by a somewhat larger percentage.

We’re currently expecting a wave of new DnD sourcebooks in 2024, as One DnD brings updates to the game, including an overhaul of the Druid’s Wild Shape, a reworking of Warlocks, and changes to a bunch of other DnD classes and DnD races. Before that, Glory of the Giants will bring a new barbarian subclass, and a big helping of DnD monsters.