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There’s now official DnD coffee you can sip during short rests

Dungeons and Dragons now has officially licenced coffee, thanks to the DnD Coffee Club, a new subscription service that offers 'Beholder Brews'

dnd coffee club, two boxes of dnd coffee - one with an owlbear, one with a dragon on the box

If you’re a fan of both Dungeons and Dragons and coffee, you might be interested in the newly formed DnD Coffee Club, a new product line and subscription service, officially licensed by Wizards of the Coast, that includes a range of coffees, mugs, and coffee accessories.

Along with the assorted extras, from thermos flasks to tote bags, there are four DnD coffees available so far. These are:

  • Dragonfire Roast Single Origin: A “strong and resilient medium roast” with “bittersweet chocolate flavour”.
  • The Owlbear Blend Single Origin: Which has a “sweet chocolate flavor with brown sugar and plum notes”
  • Beholder Brew Italian Roast: A “Dark and powerful” blend of Brazilian & Peruvian arabica
  • Displacer Decaf: Provides “bold chocolate flavors and the sense of a regular caffeinated brew”, but with 99% of the caffeine removed.

dnd coffee club- a dnd table with coffee mugs full

The whole lot is available on the DnD Coffee Club website as standalone purchases, or a subscription, through which you can get regular coffee deliveries.

The concept of DnD coffee might sound bizarre, but this is far from the first attempt to achieve a smooth blend of tabletop RPGs and coffee. Smugglers Coffee and Found Familiar Coffee are two brands that both create tabletop-inspired coffee already, so what seems like an unusual, outlandish choice here is actually a tried and tested concept.

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