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Become Devil May Cry’s Dante in DnD with this homebrew class

A homebrewer created DnD Devil May Cry, with a class that turns you into a swashbuckling spectacle fighter, equipped with all sorts of versatile tricks

DnD Devil May Cry class - Dante from Devil May Cry

You can swap your bog standard DnD Fighter for a far more stylish Spectacle Fighter with this homebrew class based on the Devil May Cry series. Made by Edmund, 40, from Indiana, USA, this 12-page ‘Devil Breaker’ class details a martial class with some spicy eldritch abilities thrown in.

“1000% inspired by Devil May Cry with other anime aesthetics, the Devil Breaker combines versatility and style with a touch of the chaotic,” Edmund’s class description explains.

He tells Wargamer, “I wanted to use the series as the template and then work it into a D&D framework and make something that players could easily identify the bones of, but not be tied down to.”

As well as using similar abilities and aiming for the same aesthetic feel as the games – for instance, one ability ‘hang time’ lets you jump and remain in the air the way Dante does when he’s ‘juggling’ enemies – the homebrewer has tried to stay true to DMC by making the subclasses as versatile as possible.

DnD Devil May Cry class - Dante from DMC fighting a gigantic monster

“DMC is really keen on switching up your style of play,” he says. “I wanted to express that by letting the player swap their subclass ability at the appropriate levels, so they could create something that better expressed how they wanted to play.”

As a result, you’re not tied to one of the Devil Breaker’s subclasses, but can pick abilities from any of the four the homebrewer’s crafted. Edmund is also proud of the crossplay between his German-named subclasses. He explains that he’s tried to keep them functional and balanced but also generate the possibility for interesting combos as players mix and match abilities to suit their tastes.

“Between work, raising my daughter, love life, and just trying to keep myself together, I don’t get a lot of ‘me time’,” Edmund says, explaining he often catches himself dozing off at the keyboard while crafting DnD content. Still, he finds it invaluable as “a way to scratch some of that itch to create.”

“I’m really curious to see how the next iteration of D&D turns out,” Edmund says. “As I really want to get an earlier start with homebrewing, translating what I’ve already created and creating new stuff as the edition progresses.”

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