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GameStop’s DnD rings sell out, then hit eBay at double price

A set of Gamestop-exclusive DnD rings went for sale on Tuesday, but sold out in just one hour, with several copies then showing up on eBay at higher prices

DnD gamestop x-ray ring, shaped like an eyeball.

An officially-licensed set of six Dungeons and Dragons themed rings went up for sale at GameStop on September 13. But they sold out almost immediately, with fans Tweeting just one hour after the announcement (which was made from the Wizards DnD Twitter account) complaining that the jewellery was all gone. It appears some users have swooped in quickly and snatched up copies to resell, as multiple eBay users are now selling the accessory for more than double its $39.99 retail price. These eBay listings began to crop up mere hours after the rings sold out.

The rings are real life versions of six DnD magic items, and are pretty varied in appearance. Most striking, perhaps, are the eyeball on the ring of X-ray vision, and the chunky two-finger ring of spell-storing. There’s also rings of telekinesis, fire resistance, spell turning, and three wishes in the collection. They are sold in four different sizes (8-12) and are packaged with a decorative display box.

DnD gamestop rings lined up in a row.

It’s unclear when, or indeed if, the GameStop-exclusive DnD rings will be available once more, but it seems likely they’ll be back in stock at some stage, as this is not the first time they’ve appeared on GameStop. The rings were initially announced by creator SalesOne Studios in February 2022, and the company told a fan in March (in a YouTube comment section) that at the time they were sold out.

It seems to be a big year for DnD jewellery. Just last month, Wizards of the Coast and RockLove Jewellery unveiled a line of necklaces for each DnD class. But if you want something to wear on your fingers as well as your neck, it seems you’ll have to look outside of GameStop, at least for the time being.