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Official DnD necklaces are our new favourite magic items

Wizards of the Coast and RockLove Jewellery unveiled an official range of D&D jewellery, featuring necklaces for six well-known DnD classes.

dnd classes - a dnd necklace shaped like a wizard's spellbook.

Wizards of the Coast has teamed up with RockLove Jewellery to launch an official line of Dungeons and Dragons jewellery – and it’s looking pretty classy. By that we don’t just mean it’s tasteful and understated, it also lets you show off your favourite DnD class.

The jewellery range, revealed on Tuesday, includes six “artisan sterling silver” necklaces, each one based around a specific Dungeons and Dragons class. It includes a Wizard spell book, Cleric vial, Fighter sword and shield, Bard lute, Warlock medallion, and Rogue dagger. Not just ornate chunks of metal, the series boasts “clever articulations”. For instance the spell book can be opened to reveal the arcane writings scribbled inside; the vial can be uncorked; and the sword can be pulled from its scabbard. Each jewellery piece will become available towards the end of the month, from August 23.

The necklaces are priced between $135 and $199, with the Wizard’s necklace being the most expensive and the Rogue’s the least. Most of the designs are plain silver, but the Wizard and Warlock jewellery comes with zirconia crystals, presumably to give it a bit more of that magic-y vibe.

Far from RockLove Jewellery’s first foray into licensed jewellery – silversmith and CEO Allison Cimino is something of a specialist in creating necklaces for nerds. Her officially licensed creations span the worlds of Pokemon, Star Wars, and Star Trek, as well as DC and Marvel comics.

dnd classes - a dnd necklace shaped like a rogue's dagger.

This may be her first D&D creation, but it’s unlikely to be her last. The RockLove Jewellery page announcing the collaboration describes it as an “ongoing character class collection”, so we can expect the rest of the major 5e classes to show up sooner or later. It’s gotta be the Ranger’s turn next, right?

The announcement clarifies that additional designs will be appearing “throughout 2022-2023” and will include “character classes and iconic creatures.” If you’ve always wanted to wear a Beholder or Mind flayer round your neck, we reckon you should stay tuned.

The full jewellery collection will be available from Tuesday, August 23rd, 9am PST, and international orders are accepted. It’s described as ‘limited edition’, but it’s not yet clear how many copies have been made or how long the range will be available for.