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107-page DnD homebrew lets you play your own DC superhero

A fan of both Dungeons and Dragons and DC comics has created a hefty DnD homebrew, reskinning classes and races to fit the superhero universe.

DnD homebrew DC Universe - art of the Justice League by Paolo Rivera

If you’ve ever wished there were more DC superheroes in your Dungeons and Dragons game, you’re not alone; one tabletop RPG fan has created 107 pages of DnD homebrew content inspired by the comics. Reddit user Emeeza6x shared their work on the social media site on March 16.

“As an avid comics fan I’ve always wanted to run through superhero campaigns in the DC universe”, Emeeza6x tells Reddit on Thursday. “Yes, I know games like Mutants & Masterminds and Masks already exist, I enjoy those games too”, they add. “But I have far too much free time on my hands and friends that are just now learning how to play Dungeons and Dragons.”

The fanmade supplement currently includes 31 modified or reskinned DnD races, two reskinned DnD classes (the Sorcerer 5e and the Paladin 5e), as well as 17 new subclasses. These were apparently created by mixing and matching existing D&D content. Emeeza’s homebrew also includes 57 stat blocks, 47 magic items, and four artefacts.

Fans of DC comics will see a lot of familiar flavour in the homebrew. DnD races have been tweaked to allow players to become cyborgs, ocean-dwellers, Amazonians, Tamaranians, and more. Players can also play races based on birds, gorillas, reptiles, and other animals that regularly pop up in the DC universe.

While the Meta class (formerly the Sorcerer) hasn’t seen many core class changes, there are plenty of subclasses to choose from. Each of these gives your character power over a different kind of energy or element: mental, light/dark, nature, atomic, fire, water, earth, air, and electricity. Each has a range of powers and suggested 5e feats to use.

DnD homebrew DC Universe - Earthbender art by BPSola

Emeeza6x has also reskinned the Paladin as the Lantern. This introduces a few new Oaths your character can take, each based on an emotion you can channel. These new options include the Oath of Will, the Oath of Fear, the Oath of Hope, the Oath of Rage, the Oath of Compassion, and the Oath of Love.

While there’s not too much content for the Barbarian 5e and the Monk 5e to work with, they do each get a new subclass. A Barbarian can choose the Path of the Juggernaut if they really want to flex their superhero muscles, and the Monk can choose Way of the Speed Force to go full Flash.

The majority of the supplement is filled with stat blocks for DC-friendly DnD monsters. Expect to see everything from human police officers to literal Batman villain The Joker. If you want to keep things really current, you can even spend some time with Shazam, ready for when Shazam 2 hits your local cinema.

A selection of DnD magic items also introduces some iconic DC weapons to Dungeons and Dragons. Using this supplement, you might get the chance to pick up Batman’s utility belt, Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth, or Superman’s cape. With these by your side, you can easily recreate some of the best superhero movies of all time.

The DC stat blocks and DC supplement can both be found for free on the Homebrewery website. You can also share thoughts and feedback on Emeeza6x’s original Reddit post.

This article features artwork used in the homebrew, credited to the following artists: feature image credit: Paolo Rivera; image one credit: BPSola.