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DnD homebrewer parodies OGL leak in bread-based adventure

A Dungeons and Dragons homebrew from Loot Tavern, ‘Wizards of the Toast’, parodies recent D&D OGL events in an adventure heavy on bread puns

DnD homebrew OGL bread - Loot Tavern cover art of a bread dragon and slices of toast

TTRPG homebrewer Loot Tavern has created a bread-based D&D adventure that tasks adventurers with slaying a fiend known as Hasbrodeus in order to save the ‘Open Baking Licence” from its yeasty clutches. ‘Wizards of the Toast’ (tagline: “they want your dough”) is “a satirical (but entirely deadly) 5e hunt for four characters with an average party level of three, seven, or 12”. Loot Tavern listed the adventure for free on its Patreon on January 18.

The adventure is a parody of Wizards of the Coast’s recently leaked DnD OGL 1.1 document, as well as how the publisher and community responded to the leak. Community backlash, third-party publishers vowing to leave 5e alone, and alternative licences released by competitors like Paizo and Free League led to an apology from Wizards of the Coast. An OGL 1.2 document has since been released for public review.

Loot Tavern mirrors real-life events using a fantasy narrative about baked goods (and a lot of bread puns). DnD Kobolds and Pathfinders create their own bread recipes from the OBL, until Hasbrodeus and its appointed CEO, a loaf-looking dragon named Pumpernax the Wrye, “deauthorise” the document.

The adventure encourages players to defeat these adversaries for the good of the baking community – and to obtain the “altruistic pot of gold” offered by the prolific Fey Baker, Fairy Berry. Aside from on-the-nose jokes about greedy corporations and legalese, Wizards of the Toast is stuffed with references to toasted buns and soggy bottoms.

DnD homebrew OGL bread - art from Loot Tavern's RPG of a bread dragon with a fiend in a suit stood on its head

As well as a playable adventure, Wizards of the Toast includes plenty of DnD homebrews for 5e spells, DnD monsters, and DnD magic items. Emberink Stationery lets you write magic contracts with another willing creature, signing your names on each others’ skin. Buzzkill is a waxy sword filled with bees, honey, and powerful sugary magic. The spell ‘Hasbrodeus’ Binding Lawsuit’ ties enemies up in red tape.

The full homebrew document can be found on Loot Tavern’s Patreon. For more official D&D content, here are some helpful guides to DnD classes, DnD races, and DnD backgrounds.