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Homebrew DnD Paladin subclass is powered by Christmas spirit

Here’s a Ho Ho Homebrew perfect for any holiday DnD one shot – a 5e Paladin subclass that’s powered by the literal spirit of Christmas.

Wizards of the Coast art of a DnD Paladin and Twitter Christmas tree and present emojis

If your RPG sessions could do with a bit more festivity, Dungeons and Dragons podcast Talltale Tavern has a DnD homebrew that fits the bill. Introducing ‘Oath of Christmas’, a Paladin 5e subclass that was shared to Reddit on December 14. With this character option, your Paladin dedicates themselves to sharing gifts, goodwill, and cheer.

The Christmas Spirit Paladin 5e subclass serves Santa Claus (or any other equivalent festive figure) in lieu of a DnD god. They’ll need a good DnD alignment, and they must follow the tenets of joy, peace, guardianship, and servitude. In exchange, they’re granted long life and plenty of Christmassy powers.

Instead of Turn Undead, this DnD Paladin can cast ‘Cheer Uncheerful’. A cheered enemy has disadvantage on ability checks and attack rolls while they can see the Paladin, and they can’t move further away from their foe. According to the DnD homebrew document, Christmas Spirit Paladins also have ‘Early Christmas’ as a Channel Divinity ability, which allows them to create temporary 5e magic items and give them out as gifts.

Once the Paladin has seen enough DnD level ups, its allies are immune to charm as long as they’re within ten feet. At 15th level, the power of Christmas gives the Paladin the ability to fly. Then, at 20th level, they can permanently Bless or Bane a target by adding them to the naughty or nice list.

This is a Paladin who can heal by handing out Christmas cookies, so it’s well-suited to a jolly Christmas DnD one shot. Talltale Tavern has made the subclass freely available via Google Drive, along with a new DnD Elf subrace and a DnD monster based on Frosty the Snowman. It’s worth bearing in mind that, while the design is all Talltale Tavern’s work, the accompanying art is generated by Bing AI.

You can learn more in Talltale Tavern’s original Reddit post. For less seasonal character options, here’s all you need to know about DnD classes and DnD races.