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You could win a weekend of luxury DnD in a castle

Ever wanted to play DnD in a real historical castle? In this giveaway you could win a $3000+ Dungeons and Dragons vacation for free.

A castle where you can go and play DnD

DnD in a Castle usually charges a knight’s ransom of $3,250 for its four-day vacation experiences, which include a full 24 hours playing Dungeons and Dragons with celebrity DMs inside a medieval castle. But if you’re swift as a DnD Ranger, you can enter a giveaway which could win you the trip for free this November. There’s less than 24 hours before this giveaway ends though – so make haste if it seems like your cup of tea.

For a chance to win a ticket, which nets you this unusual D&D experience, and is all-inclusive with food and rooms in a castle (slash four-star hotel), all you have to do is comment on this Reddit post outlining the giveaway.

The event will run from November 10-14, and will feature top DMs such as Jason Charles Miller and Mark Meer. You will need to find your own way to Newcastle, UK though, where Lumley Castle is located. But don’t let the city’s name confuse you, the castle itself is old, 14th-century in fact.

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The giveaway went up just over 48 hours ago and is intended to run for 72 hours before the winner is announced. Using our math-brain (there’s one in the office which we all take turns with) I’ve worked out that there’s one day left to go.

If you do get to attend, you’d better have your DnD character sheet all worked out. Luckily the DnD character creator process is nice and easy – though there is a long list of DnD races and DnD classes to choose from.