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Fan Dragon’s Keep design to become an official DnD LEGO kit

LEGO Ideas and Wizards of the Coast have chosen their favourite fan design for a D&D LEGO set, a DnD dragon’s keep design from Lucas Bolt

DnD LEGO winner announced - close-up of Dragon's Keep D&D LEGO set designed by Lucas Bolt

DnD publisher Wizards of the Coast recently collaborated with LEGO Ideas, launching a competition where fans could design their own D&D LEGO set. A LEGO Ideas blog announced the winner on January 5. ‘Dragon’s Keep: Journey’s End’, created by Lucas Bolt (BoltBuilds), is now set to become an official LEGO kit.

The DnD LEGO fan design challenge ran from October 5 to November 14, 2022. 620 D&D designs were entered, and LEGO Ideas implemented a fan voting stage to help influence the final judges’ vote. The DnD LEGO Ideas official contest eventually narrowed the pool down to five designs, with Bolt’s idea coming out on top.

‘Dragon’s Keep: Journeys End’ shows off all the traditional trappings of the best DnD campaigns. A green dragon perches atop a crumbling castle, threatening a party of adventurers as they emerge from a mediaeval-style tavern to tackle the beast.

DnD LEGO winner announced - Dragon's Keep D&D LEGO set designed by Lucas Bolt

“After hundreds of entries and an exciting fan vote, only one could be selected”, says the LEGO Ideas blog. “A huge thank you to everyone who participated”, it adds. “We are very happy to announce that Dragon’s Keep: Journey’s End has been selected! A huge congratulations to BoltBuilds, the incredible designer behind this submission.”

LEGO Ideas challenges typically receive 1% of their design’s net sales. Bolt will also receive ten copies of the LEGO set, credit in the set materials, and a D&D-themed prize package. As for what’s next, LEGO Ideas says, “this submission will join the other products we have in development and we will be sharing updates and news about how you can get the set, as and when we can announce them”.

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