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One of these five DnD LEGO creations could soon be an official kit

D&D Beholders, Mimics, and Tiamat could soon be real LEGO kits, as LEGO Ideas asks fans to vote on which DnD build they want to see as a real set

Lego DnD - a lego kit of Xanathar the Beholder

You’ve heard of D&D minis, now prepare for D&D minifigures, as five fan-made LEGO designs inspired by Dungeons and Dragons have the chance to become real, official LEGO sets.

These include a Monster Manual, pages overflowing with DnD monsters like Vecna; a tower-shaking depiction of the DnD god of dragons Tiamat; and a Mimic 5e with moving parts, that transforms from a harmless treasure chest to a multi-fanged menace.

These three have been judged to be among the top five designs among 620 builds submitted by creative fans for the DnD LEGO contest that ran throughout October and November. The contest was a collaboration between DnD publisher Wizards of the Coast and LEGO Ideas, and the idea is one of the shortlisted builds will become an official LEGO Ideas set.

The other two designs currently in the running include Dragon’s Keep: Journey’s End by Boltbuilds, which consists of a beautiful fantasy town and a Fighter 5e combatting a green DnD dragon. Then, finally, there’s Xanathar the Beholder by Shaddowtoa, which shows this many-eyed villain, sitting (well, floating really) in his study.

Fans can vote on which build they want to become real, though a LEGO Ideas blogpost clarifies this is “to help the Judges gauge fan interest in specific designs, and validate fan excitement for Dungeons & Dragons.” Ultimately the choice will be the judges.

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