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The Minecraft Creeper is an official DnD monster now

Minecraft Creepers are official Dungeons and Dragons monsters now, thanks to a surprise crossover between the block building game and DND

DnD Minecraft creeper - artwork of a minecraft creeper with a cross section showing its skeleton and internal organs

The Minecraft Creeper and four other monsters from Mojang’s masterpiece are now an official part of Dungeons and Dragons canon, complete with full stat blocks and backstories. Iconic Minecraft monsters like the Creeper and Enderman are the subject of Monstrous Compendium Volume 3, a free piece of content put out on DnD Beyond.

After the first Monstrous Compendium brought more space beasts from Spelljammer, and the second had creatures from Dragonlance, no one expected the third DnD setting explored by this series to be the world of Minecraft.

But here they are, including not just stats and lore, but also a rather ghoulish cross section diagram of their innards. While DnD and Minecraft is an unusual crossover, and we’d probably want to reskin these monsters before using them in a serious game, they do have unusual and unique abilities, just like they do in the Minecraft game.

DnD Minecraft enderman - artwork of a minecraft enderman with a cross section showing its internal organs

For instance, Enderman are entirely immune to ranged attacks, and can teleport during battles, while Creepers… well, we all know what Creepers can do. The Mimic 5e has a new rival for the title of ‘most annoying monster’.


This rather unexpected quintet of monsters comes alongside a major Dungeons and Dragons DLC for Minecraft, which seems to be the impetus for this compendium. The DLC comes in the form of an extended adventure map set in the Forgotten Realms which turns Minecraft into an action RPG. The DLC lets you play a DnD Paladin, Barbarian, Rogue, or Wizard and do battle with top DnD monsters, like the Beholder 5e or Displacer Beast.

The Minecraft DnD DLC is coming out Spring 2023, but the Minecraft mobs as DnD monsters compendium is out now, available for free on DnD Beyond.