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Fan crochets adorable DnD minis for “tight-knit” party

This DnD fan used her love of crocheting to create some very cute little DnD minis for her party, giving a unique look and feel to their tabletop sessions.

crochet DnD mini close up of a half orcf

Having a great DnD mini for your character can really transform a game of Dungeons and Dragons, and many players spend ages trying to find the perfect avatar for their PC. Not so Fiammetta and her playgroup, thanks to her crafty efforts. This Italian nurse from close to Rome has poured hours of work into creating adorable crochet DnD minis for her party, which is DMd by her boyfriend.

Fiammetta says she “dives into Dungeons & Dragons adventures” every week with her “tight-knit group of friends”, and decided to combine her twin passions to craft personalised miniatures for each of her friends’ in-game characters, a “selfless dwarf cleric, a mysterious human rogue with secrets to unveil, an unstoppable half-orc barbarian, and a charismatic halfling bard”.

“Merging the art of crochet with the thrill of role-playing has given me a whole new level of creative expression”, says Fiammetta, who adds that the minis, “add an extra layer of immersion to our gaming sessions.”

crochet DnD minis on a grid.

Fiammetta shares her nerdy crochet creations on Instagram @Yarned_owlbear. She says one of the most difficult aspects of creating the minis was their size, which required “working with incredibly delicate tools”.

“I used a fine cotton thread, specifically cotton number 12, which is quite thin,” the crocheter explains. “This made the crafting process more intricate and time-consuming compared to the thicker cotton”. Fiammetta explains that working with such fine materials requires a steady hand and keen attention to detail. But it is necessary to make minis the right size to use at the table – just 2 cm in width and 3 cm in height!

Working at such a small scale, it was also challenging to add unique details, without ‘overdoing it’. “Customization needs to happen in a simple yet effective manner. I find it enjoyable to tackle this challenge of simplification while always seeking creative solutions to make each miniature unique and personal.” Fiammetta found herself pouring great amounts of thought into small details, like the hairstyle of the Dwarf 5e cleric.

“Despite the extra effort involved, the satisfaction of watching these small figures come to life is immeasurable.”

Fiammetta is keen to make more miniatures for her group, and in the future plans to take suggestions on personalised minis from the wider roleplaying community.

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