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The DnD Dragonlance minis are unrecognizable to fans

Wizkids has released official Dragonlance DnD minis, but it seems like many fans don't recognize the range of Dragonlance heroes available.

DnD Dragonlance artwork showing heroes surrounded by lava.

Wizkids is putting out DnD minis for Dragonlance, part of its ‘Icon of the Realms’ series. The problem with these particular Dungeons & Dragons icons, though, is it seems like most people do not recognize them. Many fans of this old DnD setting were disappointed by the miniatures, and on Twitter expressed their dismay that more recognizable characters weren’t used.

“Who are they?” said user @OldCrowGaming, while user @OnesRoll dismissed them as “random minis WoTC slapped the name Dragonlance onto”. Another fan argued that older characters, such as those designed by illustrator Clyde Caldwell back in the 1980s, would’ve been a better fit.

So who are these mysterious figures that have drawn the ire of old school Dragonlance fans? They’re actually just the sidekick NPCs from the recent Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen DnD book, released December 2022. They are:

  • Iriad of the Kagonesti
  • Tem Temble
  • Levna Drakehorn, Solamnic Knight
  • Hrigg Roundrook
  • Andir Valmakos
  • Ayik Ur

The six figures are available now from Wizkids website for $49.99. They’re compatible with the Dragonlance: Warriors of Krynn board game. You can read our thoughts on that here – we thought it had a solid foundation but didn’t truly shine.

At least there’s a range of DnD classes among the new Dragonlance figures. And Dragonlance fans have got to be happy there’s a representative of the Kender DnD race, even if it’s not Tasslehoff.