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D&D movie dragon Palarandusk gets his own Nerf gun

The D&D movie is releasing tie-in Nerf guns, including one depicting a gold dragon character, Palarandusk, that hasn't been seen before

D&D movie dragon - a red dragon's head poking out of a dark cave.

A dragon from the upcoming D&D movie, D&D: Honor Among Thieves, has its own Nerf gun, created to promote the film. The ‘NERF MicroShots Dungeons & Dragons Palarandusk Blaster’ depicts the gold dragon Palarandusk, a draconic character that hasn’t appeared in any Honor Among Thieves trailers yet.

The D&D movie seems to be stuffed full of the best D&D dragons. Across promos and trailers we’ve seen the scaly, iconic DnD monsters in a rainbow of colours: red dragons, black dragons, white dragons, green dragons, but so far no gold dragons. That means this yellow plastic head/Nerf gun gives us our first, and very unconventional, glimpse at the creature design for this metallic beastie.

Palarandusk is known as ‘The Unseen Protector’, and in lore from the movie’s D&D setting, The Forgotten Realms, was at one point the protector of Neverwinter – a city which we know also appears in the film.

D&D movie dragon nerf gun with pellets.

A Fandomwire article from way back in 2020 suggests that Palarandusk is a minor character, only appearing in three scenes of the D&D film. He also reportedly “eats gemstones to stay alive” – an expensive habit! None of the other named characters in Honor Among Thieves have their own Nerf guns yet, however, so perhaps his role has grown in the past few years.

The Palarandusk blaster is available from Amazon and Walmart, retailing at $11.99.