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Back to school sale offers core DnD books at 40% off

The triforce of core DnD books are 40% off in a back to school sale which aims to get new players into the most famous roleplaying game.

DnD sale - a fighter attacking a giant

D&D Beyond has kicked off its back to school DnD sale, offering up to 40% off on digital and physical bundles, so you can swot up on your campaign and try to ignore maths. In reality, you can expect a 10 – 15% discount on the majority of products, but the essential DnD books: The Monster Manual, Player’s Handbook, and Dungeon Master’s Guide will all be available at the deepest discount.

For basically everything else, you can expect to save around 5-10 dollars while the sale is on. It runs for a little under two weeks, starting now and ending on September 17. Note that it’s not accessible from mobile, you’ll need to be on a browser and not the D&D Beyond app.

DnD sale advert showing the amount off.

If you’ve already got the basics, and are wondering what else you can save money on in this sale – the answer is pretty much everything on D&D Beyond – though most items are not discounted by much. You can also find virtual DnD dice at a reduced price on the store.

D&D Beyond’s note on the sale says that everything except the most recent books in the DnD release schedule – Bigby Presents: Glory of the Giants and Phandelver and Below: The Shattered Obelisk – is included. That said, the latter of these books seems to have $10 off its preorder price right now. You can also save money on the upcoming Planescape revival, though after the mixed results seen with Spelljammer, we have some trepidation about that.

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