Spelljammer: Adventures in Space 33% off for Black Friday

The Dungeons and Dragons Spelljammer: Adventures in Space set is currently available on Amazon at a 33% discount in the Black Friday sales

DnD Spelljammer artwork showing a ship sailing through space besides a whale, with a sun shining behind a planet nearby.

If you’ve not yet tried Dungeons and Dragons’ Spelljammer campaign, then you should definitely make sure to grab the Adventures in Space set while the Black Friday deals are still going, because you can currently get it at a 33% discount from Amazon. Unfortunately, this deal is not available to those shopping in the UK.

If you’re a DnD fan who isn’t familiar with the content of the Spelljammer campaign, this is an adventure that sees your party journeying out amongst the stars – but not in any generic sci-fi sort of way. This is a fantasy reimagining of outer space that you’ll explore by hopping into a Spelljammer helm, with crystal spheres containing whole planetary systems, the silvery void known as the Astral Sea, and much more just waiting to be discovered.

If you want to find out more about this, check out our DnD Spelljammer guide which provides a comprehensive overview of this particular corner of the DnD multiverse. Or, if you’re captivated by the sound of all that and want to use this as the basis for your first quest, just use our DnD character creator guide so that you can get your character ready for adventuring.

Here’s an overview of everything contained within the Spelljammer: Adventures in Space set:

  • Light of Xaryxis – a 64-page hardcover book containing an adventure set in the Astal Plane
  • The Astral Adventurer’s Guide – a 64-page hardcover book that introduces you to the Astral Plane campaign setting, including information on all the spells, magic, ships, and other features that you’ll find in space
  • Boo’s Astral Menagerie – a third 64-page hardcover book that gives you all the stats on more than 60 creatures that you might encounter when out in Wildspace or on the Astral Sea
  • Rock of Bral double-sided poster – it depicts an asteroid setting that is central to the Spelljammer campaign
  • DM screen – featuring some beautifully cosmic artwork

This could make a fantastic Christmas present for any DnD fans in your life, or could be a nice treat for you – after all, it’s getting colder and you’ll want new indoor activities to keep you occupied! Check out our guide on the best Black Friday board game deals for more excellent bargains.