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Psi Warrior DnD subclass confirmed for new Player’s Handbook

The Psi Warrior wasn’t part of the One DnD playtest but will be in the new edition from day one, along with an unexpected Rogue subclass.

DnD subclasses Psi Warrior - a figure suspended in the air, surrounded by blue energy, superimposed against a blue ship - MTG Card Art for Temporal Cleansing by Dominik Mayer

Jeremy Crawford, Lead Rules Designer for Wizards of the Coast, has confirmed that two surprising DnD subclasses will be included in the Revised Player’s Handbook (PHB) for the next edition of DnD. Speaking in a fireside chat video, Crawford reveals that the One DnD PHB will include the Psi Warrior and Rogue Soulknife subclasses.

These two DnD subclasses weren’t included in the PHB for DnD 5e, but were added in the Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything supplement. Neither subclass was included in the Unearthed Arcana playtest materials for One DnD, so their inclusion as a core part of their DnD classes in the new PHB is a pleasant surprise.

The Psi Warrior gives the DnD Fighter 5e psionic powers, effectively turning it into a Jedi. Crawford explains that the other Fighter subclasses in the new PHB will be the Champion, the Eldritch Knight, and the Battle Master. The Brawler subclass which appeared in the One DnD playtest “didn’t make it” to the PHB.

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The Soulknife is another psionic class, which grants the DnD Rogue 5e the ability to summon psychic blades into its hands. The video doesn’t reveal which other Rogue subclasses make the leap into the new PHB.

While both these subclasses skipped out on the One DnD playtest, don’t expect them to appear in the new PHB unchanged. Crawford states: “subclasses that migrated from Tasha’s Cauldron of everything into the new Player’s Handbook… went through additional playtesting and development”. They’ve been “improved in a number of ways, and in some cases have new features”.

DnD subclasses Soul Knife - an assassin holds a blade of purple energy, waiting behind a wall for an unwitting victim - MTG card art for Assassin's Strike by Chase Stone

Crawford also explains why so many psychic subclasses are being included in the PHB: “We decided that because Aberrant Sorcery had migrated into the player’s handbook… it would be good to give the psionic Sorcerer along with the Great Old One Warlock some more psionic friends”.

The revised PHB will be the first of the overhauled core DnD books to release, and will mark the end of DnD 5e and start of One DnD. Check our guide to the DnD release schedule to find out when you can expect all the books for the new edition.

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