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You could find your next DnD group with RPG Tinder

If you struggle to find a DnD group that matches your schedule or are worried about playing with strangers, the RPGMatch app is designed to help.

DnD Tinder - a smartphone running RPG match

Given the amount of DnD drama you hear about online, it’s amazing anyone finds time to play any tabletop roleplaying games at all these days. It seems if a problem player isn’t stirring up trouble at your table then a destructive DM will be playing tyrant. Luckily, a fan named Joaquin Lippincott has created an app named RPGMatch designed for finding fans with similar interests and setting up games.

“Don’t roll the dice on who you play with”, is the slogan of the application, which launched within the last couple of years. When you make an account, the app asks about the virtual tabletops you use and the tabletop RPGs you play. It then poses a bunch of questions about safety tools, LGBTQ+ friendliness, availability, and tellingly, your answer to the question “how late is late?”

Then you’re free to start swiping, or rather finding and messaging players whose interests best line up with your own, to form your next DnD party. Of course, it needn’t be DnD; the app has partnered with loads of different RPG publishers, like Pathfinder creator Paizo and The One Ring creator Free League, and fans can unlock badges relating to their favorite games to show off their fandom.

DnD Tinder - a range of humanoids with different races

According to the application’s website, it was indeed a problem player that inspired Lippincott to create the app – along with the experience of getting back into gaming after an extended break.

We think a robust session zero and a conversation about consent can make a big difference to improving your RGP experience, but we can see how being able to vet potential players and check out their schedules before you send the first message could be a great help.

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