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All the main Vox Machina characters

Seeking a recap to the Vox Machina characters? Here are all the colorful characters you'll encounter in The Legend of Vox Machina - and beyond.

DnD Vox Machina characters gathered around Scanlan the gnome.

Whether you’re about to jump into Critical Role’s first DnD campaign, or you’re looking for a recap before Legends of Vox Machina season 3 comes out, we’re here to help with a whose who of Vox Machina characters. We’ll focus on the characters from both the animated series and the original, introducing you to the lovable cast of this RPG show.

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Name Actor Race Class
Grog Strongjaw Travis Willingham Goliath Barbarian/Fighter
Keyleth Marisha Ray Half-Elf Druid
Percival de Rolo Taliesin Jaffe Human Fighter (Gunslinger)
Pike Trickfoot Ashley Johnson Gnome Cleric
Scanlan Shorthalt Sam Riegel Gnome Bard
Vax’ildan Vessar Liam O’Brien Half-Elf Rogue/Paladin
Vex’ahlia Vessar Laura Bailey Half-Elf Ranger/Rogue
Trinket Matt Mercer / Laura Bailey Bear Bear
Taryon Darrington Sam Riegel Human Artificer
Tiberius Stormwind Orion Acaba Dragonborn Sorcerer

DnD Vox Machina characters Grog

Grog Strongjaw

Fan-favorite character Grog Strongjaw is Vox Machina’s tank, a big bag of hit points, and its strongest melee fighter. The goliath fighter is a classic himbo: a big dumb tough guy with a heart of gold. Grog Strongjaw and his lack of brains is often the butt of the joke, but actor Travis Willingham manages to play the archetype perfectly, and not overdo the trope, making Strongjaw charming and loveable rather than annoying.

Grog was best friends with Pike Trickfoot right from the start of the campaign, having saved the gnome’s grandfather from his own goliath group, and getting exiled in the process. He’s very protective of the cleric, and this friendship is helpful for getting himself revivified after (for instance) a bad run-in with the deck of many things.

DnD Vox Machina characters Keyleth


An awkward half-elf DnD druid played by Marisha Ray, Keyleth has a fear of failure and social anxiety that makes her highly relatable. She belongs to the Air Ashari tribe and has been nominated to journey between the elemental tribes and earn the title of headmaster of the Air Ashari. The trouble is, her mother disappeared trying to do the same thing. Keyleth is hard on herself, is determined to prove her value, and has a strong moral code. She also has an arch-enemy, the evil green dragon Raishan.

Vox Machina percival

Percival de Rolo

Played by Taliesin Jaffe, Percival (Percy for short, Lord Percival Fredrickstein von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III for long) was part of a noble family in the city of Whitestone, before they were violently usurped by the Briarwoods.

Percy thirsts for revenge, and sensing this, a demon teaches him how to build the very first gun in a dream. Hence, Percy is a Gunslinger, the ranged combatant of the party. Bright, but quiet, Percival has the mind of a tactician. Having fallen from the high life himself, Percival has contempt for those with airs and graces, and takes joy in knocking pompous nobility down a peg or two.

DnD Vox Machina characters Pike

Pike Trickfoot

A gnome DnD cleric played by Ashley Johnson, Pike Trickfoot is Vox Machina’s healer, and the one responsible for patching everyone back together after or during a fight. She’s aided in this by her compassionate nature, though during the campaign – seeking to be stronger in combat – Pike switches from the domain of healing to that of war.

Due to Johnson’s film work, Pike was a less regular member of the party during Vox Machina season one, but no less valuable – her friendship with other Vox Machina characters like Grog formed the impetus for key story moments.

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Scanlan Shorthalt

The joker of the party, Scanlan Shorthalt is a halfling DnD bard with an oversized personality. He’s the face of the group, able to lead a negotiation or orchestrate a cunning distraction. A somewhat tropey character, Scanlan starts out as the typical roguish ladie’s man type of bard, though later episodes delve deeper into his personality, and the insecurities that lie hidden behind the bravado. Over time, Sam Riegel played Scanlan as less of a joke character, allowing for more character development.

In Critical Role’s campaign, Scanlan leaves the party for a time to go on a journey of self-discovery.

DnD Vox Machina characters Laura Baileys character

Vax’ildan Vessar

Twin brother of Vex’ahlia, Vax’ildan is a rogue/paladin half-elf. Unhappy in elven society, Vex and Vax left to seek their own fortune. Vax is highly loyal to his sister, and even pledged himself to The Raven Queen in order to save her life. She’s really the only one he’ll open up to – Vax has a tendency towards brooding and self-loathing. Vax can be pretty serious and shy, though certainly has a playful side. Vax’ildan is played by Liam O’Brien.

DnD Vox Machina characters Rogue

Vex’ahlia Vessar

Laura Bailey plays Vax’ildan’s twin sister Vex’ahlia. Like most Rangers, Vax loves nature (especially her bear companion Trinket). Like Scanlan, she’s adept in social situations, quick witted and not afraid to get her flirt on when required. Vex’ahlia is bold, sometimes taking a leadership role within the group. Though she occasionally has a barbed tongue, she also has a kinder side.

Tiberius Stormwind

A Dragonborn Sorcerer who wore glasses, got dirty looks for his chromatic nature, and was pretty reckless with his spells, Tiberius Stormwind had only a relatively short stay in Vox Machina, due to his actor Orion Abaca leaving Critical Role about a quarter of the way through its first campaign. As a result, the character doesn’t appear in the Legend of Vox Machina show.

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Taryon Darrington

Later on in Critical Role’s first campaign, Sam Riegel also gave life to Taryon Darrington, a rich artificer with an amusing construct companion. Darrington starts out with some less than ideal traits, looking down on others, and making up mean nicknames. Taryon hasn’t appeared in Legends of Vox Machina yet, but there have been rumors that he might be a part of season 3.

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