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Wizards is hiring a new Head of Creative to lead DnD

TTRPG publisher Wizards of the Coast share a job listing for a new Head of Creative for Dungeons and Dragons who can “develop a creative vision for D&D”

DnD Wizards hiring Head of Creative - D&D art of a dwarf in gold armour posing proudly

A LinkedIn job listing posted on December 2 says Wizards of the Coast is looking for a new Head of Creative to oversee the future of D&D. “The Head of Creative for Dungeons and Dragons leads the franchise with the goal to grow audience and revenue worldwide”, Wizards explains. “The role manages the game design, worldbuilding, and content team for the core IP as well managing and guiding relationships with teams creating digital expressions for the game.”

This is a leadership position, so the successful applicant will be expected to “develop a creative vision for D&D”. The Head of Creative oversees design choices like worldbuilding and mechanics, but Wizards says they’re also responsible for building DnD’s identity in the worlds of film, fiction, merchandising, digital mediums, and more.

The Head of Creative is also expected to shape Wizards of the Coast. The job listing says candidates need to direct “IP partnering with teams across the business”, collaborate with marketing, licensing, and game studio teams, and “create a team and IP that is rich, diverse, and constantly evolving to meet the needs of our players and expands our audience”.

Wizards places a big emphasis on expansion, mentioning that the Head of Creative should help bring underrepresented demographics (e.g. younger players) to the game. Oh, and they should expect to be able to manage creative key performance indicators, too.

DnD Wizards hiring Head of Creative - D&D art of various monsters

Understandably, this is a role that requires a lot of experience – at least ten years “in creative leadership in large brands and franchises” and seven years “leading creative teams that are cross-discipline”. The ability to engage staff, communicate a vision, solve problems, and manage change are all listed as desirable traits. “Deep experience with Dungeons and Dragons” is also a must.

Wizards hasn’t included a salary with the job listing, and it’s not clear when applications for the position close. According to the LinkedIn post, this is a full-time, hybrid role primarily based in Renton, Washington.

Whoever gets the job will clearly have a big impact on the future of D&D going forward. With a One DnD/DnD 6e release date drawing nearer, there’ll be plenty to do. It isn’t clear if Wizards has replaced the last big player to leave, D&D’s executive producer Ray Winninger, who shared his plans to leave Wizards of the Coast back in October.

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