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Get $800 of Doctor Who comics and RPGs for 97% off

With an MTG Doctor Who set on the way, now’s the perfect time to grab some cheap, timey-wimey books in this Doctor Who Humble Bundle.

Doctor Who comics Humble Bundle - Art of the Twelfth Doctor from the Doctor Who Roleplaying Game

Fans of Doctor Who comics, tabletop RPGs, and audio dramas should head to Humble for a hefty discount. Until November 23, the ‘Doctor Who Mixed Bundle’ offers 36 Doctor Who books at a major discount. Pay $18, and you can pick up a bundle normally worth $809.

The Humble Bundle features six of the best graphic novels featuring the Doctor – in particular, David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor. ‘The Tenth Doctor Volumes 1-7’, ‘The Tenth Doctor Year 3 volumes 1-3’, and ‘The Tenth Doctor Archives Volumes 1-3’ are all included. Plus, there’s ‘A Tale of Two Time Lords’, featuring Doctors Ten and 13 on the cover.

It’s not all about Ten in the comics department, though. The bundle also includes ‘The Eleventh Doctor Volume One’ and ‘The Twelfth Doctor Volume One’.

Also included are a range of tabletop RPG books for Doctor Who: The Roleplaying Game, including a core rulebook and supplements for Doctors one to 12. The Humble Bundle also offers a variety of sourcebooks and adventures to help you roleplay the full time-travelling experience.

Finally, there are eight audiobooks included. These are:

  • Tenth Doctor Chronicles Volume One
  • Infamy of the Zaross
  • The Sword of the Chevalier
  • Cold Vengeance
  • The Diary of River Song Series Two
  • Damaged Goods
  • Unit – Shutdown
  • Tales from New Earth

It’s possible to pay less for a slightly smaller bundle. 18 books cost $10 (£8), and just $1 (£0.83) gets you five items. Each of these includes a mix of audiobooks, comics, and sourcebooks.

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