MTG Doctor Who release date, card spoilers, and news

Magic: The Gathering meets British sci-fi with the MTG Doctor Who Commander decks - here are all the latest dates and Doctor Who card spoilers.

MTG doctor who release date - all the doctors looking up at all the daleks

We found out last year that Magic: The Gathering is getting a crossover with the classic British sci-fi show Doctor Who, and – with that signature TARDIS noise – it’s finally materialised. Featuring characters and creatures from across the TV show’s 60-year history, MTG Doctor Who packs in tons of references to both classic and NuWho, giving a whole lot of famous faces and alien races the Magic card treatment.

This is the second major MTG Universes Beyond crossover release of the year, with the even larger MTG Lord of the Rings set released a season before. But MTG Doctor Who is actually more akin to the MTG Warhammer 40k deck releases that came out last year, with Commander decks and Secret Lairs, but no standalone set accompanying them.

With the set now out, the MTG Doctor Who spoiler season has been and gone – but you can read on for all the juicy, timey wimey details. You can also hit up our sister site The Digital Fix for the latest on the Doctor Who season 14 release date and news.

MTG doctor who release date - the tardis on an alien world

MTG Doctor Who release date

After months lost in time and space, the MTG Doctor Who decks have finally arrived: MTG Doctor Who released on October 13. It came just a little before The Lost Caverns of Ixalan, the final MTG set of the year – due in mid November.

The release is also quite timely, as it comes just a little before Russell T Davies’ Doctor Who specials, which air November 2023. For the Doctor Who season 14 release date and every scrap of timey-wimey info on those specials, click that link to get a run-down from our sister site The Digital Fix.

MTG doctor who release date - The fugitive doctor in her Tardis

MTG Doctor Who decks

As expected, the MTG Doctor Who crossover consists of a mixture of reprints with a Doctor Who theme and brand new Doctor Who cards. Wizards has released four Doctor Who decks for MTG Commander, and promises to fill them with “doctors, companions, villains, locations and more” from the show’s entire history. There’ll also be collector boosters, containing special treatment versions of these cards, and MTG Secret Lairs too.

We had a suspicion that there might be multiple decks representing the heroes, and that the Doctor Who villains (who don’t typically play nice) might be bunded up in one deck. For the last big crossover, it was fairly straightforward, there was one deck each for four of the Warhammer 40k factions – but many of Doctor Who’s most famous baddies are standalone.

What do you know, it seems we were exactly right, as the four MTG Doctor Who decks are as follows:

Name Color Features Commander Theme
Blast From the Past Green, White, Blue First 8 Doctors 4th Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith Historic/Tokens
Timey Wimey Red, White, Blue Doctors 9, 10, 11 10th Doctor and Rose Time Counters
Masters of Evil Red, Blue, Black Monsters and Villains Davros Villainous Choices
Paradox Power Red, Blue, Green Doctors 12, and 13 13th Doctor and Yaz Playing from Exile

These decks will feature a new mechanic, Doctor’s Companion. A derivative of Partner, this lets you have a second commander, provided one is a Doctor, and the other is a Doctor’s Companion. For instance, in Timey Wimey, the Doctor is red/blue, and Rose is white. This will allow for lots of fun combinations.

MTG Doctor Who cards

On the first day of MTG Doctor Who spoiler seasons, Wizards of the Coast gave to us, a pair of cards themed around the infamous Blink episode, that had all of us afraid to take our eyes off the screen in 2007. There’s Blink, which removes creatures for clues, and makes angel tokens, and Don’t Blink, a hate card for creatures entering the battlefield from exile (i.e. blink strategies!).

The actual Weeping Angel monster was previewed a while ago. It’s a sneaky fella, a first striker with worse than deathtouch – it shuffles creatures it hits back into their library. It’s not so good on the defence though, becoming an inanimate statue if a creature was played that turn.

We’ve now seen every MTG Doctor card, as well as a load of companions. We’d already glimpsed a fair few Doctor Who cards already, including every face MTG Doctor Who commander. From Rose Tyler, to River Song, you can find the full range of spoiler cards from Barcelona MagicCon below:

Before this latest batch of Doctor Who spoilers, we were shown the Dalek’s iconic Exterminate spell, The Tenth Doctor, and the Tardis. We also got to see saga card, The Parting of the Ways. This is one example of the many sagas in the set, each one representing an iconic episode. Apparently each Doctor gets one, and there are 16 in total (one per Doctor, plus the Fugitive and War Doctors).

Planechase is making another return to EDH, to represent the Doctor and companions’ journey through time and space. Planechase cards include the Tomb of the Doctor, and Bad Wolf Bay. The four below are each from different decks:

We’ve also seen a cycle of MTG land cards featuring the TARDIS. A reprint of the blue-white card Fractured Identity featuring the fourth doctor has also been revealed.

As for new cards, along with Davros, we’ve seen artwork for cards named Gallifrey Stands, The Fugitive Doctor, and The Eleventh Doctor. That’s a lot of time lord content – as you’d expect given the large number of Doctor decks.

Finally there’s The Lux Foundation Library for Planechase. Fans of this EDH feature are spoiled for choice this year, since March of the Machine also featured the fun but chaotic Planechase game mode.

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