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MTG Doctor Who Commanders and new cards revealed

A new batch of Magic: The Gathering spoilers reveals clever card designs from each of the MTG Doctor Who decks, including their Commanders.

MTG Doctor Who commanders

A whole load of new cards have just been revealed for MTG Doctor Who. It’s only been one week since we had our last batch of spoilers for this Universes Beyond set, but the latest flurry includes the MTG Commanders of the four precon decks, from The Tenth Doctor and Rose to Missy. After you’ve checked out the new cards below, see our MTG Doctor Who guide for more details.

First off is the deck ‘Timey-Wimey’ featuring Magic: The Gathering’s take on the Ninth, Tenth, and Eleventh Doctors. This deck is all about adding and removing time counters from cards that have Suspend or Vanishing.

The Tenth Doctor stars as the main Commander, with Rose as his companion. He gives cards Suspend that wouldn’t normally have it, while Rose gets stronger for all the suspend cards and time counters flying about. Meanwhile, Four Knocks provides a powerful card draw engine in White, and The Eleventh Hour is an MTG tutor for Doctor cards that also copies a creature.

MTG Doctor Who card River Song

River Song is one of the most interesting spoilers (hah!) shown so far. She makes you draw from the bottom of your deck instead of the top – how do we exploit this? – and punishes players for scrying, surveilling, or searching their libraries. No peeking!

Looking over the villains deck, Masters of Evil, we see a new mechanic: Villainous Choices. A voting-adjacent mechanic, basically each card with this ability looks to give your opponents a difficult choice to make, and the results are always good for you or bad for them. The main commander options are Davros, Dalek Creator who true to his name makes Daleks, but also forces discards or card draw, or Missy, who turns everything that dies into Cybermen, and causes them to deal damage to your opponents.

There’s also The Valeyard who doubles up votes and villainous choices, and Death in Heaven, an evocative card that exiles graveyards and creates Cybermen.

Then going old school, we have Blast from the Past, which has a historic theme. It also seems to be going quite heavy on tokens, with both commander, The Fourth Doctor; and Companion, Sarah Jane Smith, firing out tokens – one food, and one clue.

City of Death seems to solidify that assumption, making treasure tokens and copying tokens. The weirdest card we’ve seen from this deck though is Time Lord Regeneration. This works like one of those Black protection spells that replay a card when it dies, color-shifted to blue. The difference: instead of getting back the same creature, you go find a new Time Lord card instead.

From old to new we have Paradox Power, featuring the latest 12th and 13th Doctors. This one’s all about playing cards from exile. Yazmin and Thirteen set this up nicely, one exiling cards and letting you playing them, and the other rewarding you with +1/+1 counters for doing so.

There’s also The Flux, a saga that’s both board wipe, exiling card draw, and (eventually!) ramp. Meanwhile the Foretold Soldier acts like an assassin, forcing a creature to throw itself in the firing line, then running back to exile to be played again next turn.

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