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MTG Doctor Who spoilers include TARDIS and Tenth Doctor

The first proper batch of MTG Doctor Who spoilers has been released, showing new plane MTG cards, and some key creatures and spells.

MTG Doctor Who - David Tennant as the 10th Doctor

At San Diego Comic Con, a bunch of MTG Doctor Who spoilers were revealed, showing new Planechase cards, creatures, sagas and more from the upcoming MTG Doctor Who crossover set. Let’s take a look at this next batch of Magic: The Gathering cards.

First up – each of the Doctor Who MTG Commander decks are also Planechase decks, so there are a bunch of new Planechase planes and phenomena. These are pretty great thematic references: for instance in Bad Wolf Bay, you can blink creatures, but when chaos is rolled, they’ll be stuck in exile. When you roll chaos on Tardis Bay you can nick the TARDIS, gaining control of an artifact and then planeswalking away.

The Doctor’s Tomb is the most impactful though – letting you swap life totals around.

Then we’ve got some regular cards, revealing a new time travel mechanic that involves suspend. The Tenth Doctor is all about time travelling, the TARDIS lets you planeswalk and gives your spells cascade, and Exterminate is a brutal kill spell, if you have daleks available to tap.

And finally, there are some special versions of cards which can expect to see in the collector boosters (so far it appears there’ll only be the precon decks and collector boosters sold).

These card reveals took us quite by surprise. We were barely done with MTG Commander Masters previews, having just seen the Commander Masters Eldrazi deck. I guess that’s just how the endless spoiler season works these days.

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