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MTG Ixalan art shows angels, gods, and lost civilizations

Art from upcoming MTG set The Lost Caverns of Ixalan gives us a closer look at this plane: its gods, angels, and those who live in its hollow center.

MTG Ixalan - a colorful winged angel

Wizards of the Coast shared new artwork and cards at MagicCon Barcelona today, including previews for the rest of the upcoming sets of 2023. We saw MTG Ixalan art featuring bat riders and new gods for, a boatload of brand new cards for MTG Doctor Who, and some whimsical goose-shaped chaos going down in MTG Wilds of Eldraine.

First off, a closer look at MTG Lost Caverns of Ixalan, where we’ve got new artwork to pore over. And it seems we’re in for a real ‘Journey to the Centre of the Earth’ adventure, with a hollow world featuring a magical core. Different factions are racing once again, this time to get underground and obtain a new resource. The journey is perilous, as these conquistador vampires are discovering.

Ixalan’s angels live down here protecting the core, and we also got a look at our first gods for the plane. Ojer Axonil, not an Ixalan demon as we predicted when this art was shown last week, but an actual god, inspired by Mesoamerican shapeshifting tales. And Ojer Kaslem a wise snake/butterfly/grandmother god, inspired by the monarch butterfly migration.

There’s art for a new Huatli card, apparently a legendary creature not an MTG planeswalker – she’s another affected by the ‘desparking’ event from March of the Machine. She’s apparently going to a ‘negotiation’ featuring unknown civilisations, and – the stream suggested – might be battling a new foe too.

There’s some hints about this. The armored dinosaur below apparently belongs to a new civilization, and we meet a new faction, an offshoot of the topworld’s Sun Empire, that has mastered something called Cosmium (presumably this is what everyone else is looking for). They also ride these adorable giant bats. Is this the only lost civilization in the upcoming MTG set, or one of several? Where will it fit in amongst the pirates, dinosaurs, merfolk and vampires? We’ll have to wait and see.

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