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Someone made a Kool-Aid Man DnD miniature, because why not?

The Healing Potion Golem is a siege monster with a divine battle cry, able to smash through walls and heal other creatures with a touch.

DnD miniature of the Kool Aid Man, a gurning red bottle leaping towards the viewer - the Healing Potion Golem designed by Miguel Zavala

If you’re looking for a unique DnD miniature to add to a comedy campaign, or you’re an avid fan of cherry-flavored powdered drink mix, the Healing Potion Golem might be just what you’re looking for. 3D sculptor Miguel Zavala has created free rules and a 3D sculpt for this new monster, which bears an uncanny resemblance to the Kool-Aid Man drinks mascot.

Zavala has been sculpting DnD miniatures and distributing them for free since 2017, and states he’s created over 5,000 models, including minis for all kinds of DnD class and DnD race combinations, not to mention thousands of DnD monsters. The Healing Potion Golem joined the collection on September 29.

STL file for a DnD miniature of the Kool Aid Man, a potion bottle with a smiley face, legs, and arms, designed by Miguel Zavala

If you have a 3D printer, you can find all of Zavala’s DnD miniatures, including the Healing Potion Golem, on Shapeways. This is more than just a meme miniature or a novelty to sit on a shelf: there’s also full statblock for the creature.

The Healing Potion Golem is a Challenge 10 Large Construct with some flavorful abilities. Cold Absorption means that any cold damage it would suffer will heal it instead. Its Charge attack is a more damaging Slam, and its Siege Monster ability means it deals double damage to objects and structures (such as walls).

DnD miniature stats for the Healing Potion Golem, designed by Miguel Zavala

The golem’s Healing Touch both heals hit points and cures curses, disease, blindness, deafness, and the poisoned 5e dnd conditions.

Once per day, as a bonus action, the Golem can unleash its battle cry: “Oh Yeah!”. The Golem and nonhostile creatures of its choice within 30’ that hear the battlecry gain advantage on attacks and saves until its next turn, and if it makes the cry in the same turn as it charges, they’ll benefit from a residual +D4 bonus to those rolls for one minute.

We’re fans of interactive and destructible terrain here at Wargamer, and this big red round boy could be a very amusing reason to add some rickety walls to your next DnD one shot.

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If you’re considering picking up a 3D printer to make a Healing Potion Golem or any of Zavala’s other creations, check out our guide on how to 3D print miniatures to get off on the right foot.