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The fullest version of Elden Ring board game will cost $429

Here's the full Elden Ring board game price list - there'll be three different versions in the initial Kickstarter, priced between $89 and $429

Elden Ring board game - a gigantic mini of flying dragon agheel

The Elden Ring board game comes to Kickstarter on November 22, and 33,000 people have already followed the campaign. Presumably the question on everyone’s lips, after ‘What’s in the box(es)?’ is: ‘how much is all this going to cost me, then?’

Well, as ever with Kickstarter projects, it depends on what level you pledge at. But the core Elden Ring: The board game set, Realm of the Grafted King, is priced at $179. It contains the area of Limgrave, and packs in 54 Elden Ring minis including main boss Margit, the Fell Omen. It’ll also contain 500 cards and 45 map hexagon tiles.

Elden Ring board game price - full version with hundreds of minis.

For those looking for a cheaper way to access Elden Ring, there’ll also be an entry level $89 set, containing a smaller, standalone expansion. This has just 20 minis, 500 cards, and 45 map tiles.


If money is no object, and you just want to grab everything Steamforged Games has created for the Elden Ring board game so far, you’ll need to part ways with $429. That’ll get you the core set, and every expansion the company is delivering through its initial Kickstarter, including boxes containing Flying Dragon Agheel and Godrick the Grafted. You can see the sprawl available in the image above.

In total, that’s 104 miniatures, 2500 cards, and 162 map tiles. Everyone who backs the game on Kickstarter will also get an exclusive mini: fan-favourite big pot boy Iron Fist Alexander.

Steamforged Games says it’s “been very selective in what the offering is” to avoid problems the Dark Souls Kickstarter faced, and “the creep that happened with that product line”.

Elden Ring board game - the board for elden ring the board game showing a samurai facing a soldier

“We’ve grown very much as a business and constructed a really strong experienced support group,” says cofounder Mat Hart.”And every step of the way we’ve built in checks and balances that enable us to make sure we’re doing really correct feasibility studies.”

Steamforged Games says it’s in constant dialogue with supply chain and production partners to reduce risks. Nonetheless it has plenty of plans for the future. Two future Kickstarters covering other areas of the game are planned out thus far, and it’s put time into “maths-ing out” every future expansion of the game, to avoid problems of power creep.

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It also says that the Dark Souls board game isn’t dead just because Elden Ring is coming out – and that the company would continue to support its older game, which just had two new expansions released.

The Elden Ring board game hits Kickstarter on November 22. It looks to cut out much of the grind of the Dark Souls board game, and boasts bigger, more detailed minis. It’s still tough as nails though.