Ex D&D designers create RPG adventures based on classic cinema

After working on DnD’s Spelljammer, Dragonlance, and more, this new design studio wants to make the “spiritual successor” to d20 Modern

Everyday Heroes - car chase art, man hangs out car window with gun

Ever wished you could star in your favourite movie? One team of ex-D&D designers plans to make that a reality with its debut release. On Monday, game publisher Evil Genius Productions announced Cinematic Adventures, a series of adventures to support its debut TTRPG release, Everyday Heroes. The adventures will, according to a press release from the publisher, “range from one-shots to multi-session adventures set within the universe of [a] specific movie”.

The core game Everyday Heroes is a modern-day RPG, which is based on Dungeons and Dragons 5E rules, as well as the Modern d20 Open Gaming Licence. According to the press release, “the company’s goal is to create the spiritual successor to the D20 Modern roleplaying game released almost 20 years ago”.

You may not have heard of Evil Genius Productions, but if you’re a fan of tabletop RPGs, you’ll certainly have heard of the games its team has worked on. Three of the designers credited on Evil Genius’ website are ex-employees of Wizards of the Coast. They’ve worked on all sorts of DnD settings in their time – from Spelljammer, to Ravenloft, to Dragonlance, and many more. The team also has experience designing for Pathfinder – and, of course, D20 Modern.

“The beauty of a modern-day roleplaying game is that you get to re-enact the action movies that we love,” says Evil Genius’ owner D. Todd Scott in the press release. “I’ve often found myself in the movie theatre wishing I was in the movie. Soon, we will give players the chance to revisit these iconic scenes and make their own decisions.”

Everyday Heroes - character ensemble and logo

Evil Genius Productions is yet to announce which famous films will be included in the Cinematic Adventures series. If the team’s favourite movies are anything to go by though, RPG-ers may get to star in Die Hard, Alien, or Indiana Jones.

What we do know at this stage is Cinematic Adventures will be available for $20 / £15.28, and the core Everyday Heroes game launches on Kickstarter this Spring. As well as over 100 pages of adventure, Cinematic Adventures will also “be bundled into a Season Pass of Adventure” – which means you’ll be able to buy a year’s worth of Cinematic Adventures at a discounted price.

Cinematic Adventures and its season pass will first launch on the virtual tabletop platform Roll20. After a period of exclusivity with Roll20, the game will also be available on the Foundry Virtual Tabletop.

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