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Warhammer 40k rival Firefight deploys new tank kits

Mantic Games is releasing a rebalanced edition of sci-fi wargame Firefight, with new plastic vehicle kits imported from Archon Studio and Warlord Games.

Warhammer 40k rival Firefight - Wolverine Main Battle tank

An updated edition of Warhammer 40k rival Firefight is available for pre-order on the Mantic Games website, promising fine-tuned rules, updated force lists, and new vehicle kits for every faction. The new edition will ship on August 28, and Mantic is offering complimentary copies of the new rules to anyone who bought a copy of the current rulebook from the Mantic Webstore in June or July.

Mantic Games is best known for Kings of War, which has grown from a budget alternative to Warhammer Fantasy Battles into one of the best miniature wargames full-stop. Firefight is its answer to Warhammer 40k, and is well regarded, winning the OnTabletop ‘Best Miniatures Game of the Year’ award in 2022. Some of the armies are pretty close analogues for Warhammer 40k factions, like the distinctly Orkish Marauders, while others like the Asterion or Veer-myn stand apart.

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The new vehicle kits are a mixture of upgrades to existing Mantic vehicles, and whole new models imported from other miniature manufacturers.

Several Firefight armies can use the new Wolverine tank, a blocky APC or main battle tank that would look right at home in the Astra Militarum. The kit is made by Archon Studios, who are better known for their DnD miniatures and scenery.

Warhammer 40k rival Firefight - autonomous combat drone with turret weapon by Warlord Games

The C3M4 combat drone is an autonomous, hovering gun platform. It joins the Enforcer Pathfinder range, this time from Warlord Games’ Beyond the Gates of Antares line.

Mantic already makes some very cool vehicle kits, like the Interceptor jet, Hornet Dropship, and Mule ATV. These are getting upgraded versions: a new Interceptor with Sensor Array, an upgunned Hornet Gunship, and Mule variants equipped with a massive mortar or respecced into a command vehicle. You will find all the upcoming products for the revised edition of Firefight at the Mantic website.

The cross-company collaboration between Mantic and these two companies isn’t surprising. Mantic has licensing partnerships with several other firms, recently announcing new dice games based on the Walking Dead and Invincible comic series, as well as making a great Hellboy dungeon crawler board game.

Mantic also doesn’t stipulate that players in its official tournaments use only Mantic models. The Kings of War competitive scene has definitely benefited from former Warhammer players using their Games Workshop armies while they wait for the Warhammer: The Old World release date.