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Devs hint Frosthaven board game may get digital edition

Following a live stream about the Gloomhaven board game’s digital edition, publisher Cephalofair hints its chilly sequel may follow it online.

Frosthaven board game may have a digital edition in the works - the Frosthaven box cover art, a woman with spears fending off a yeti-like creature

Publisher Cephalofair has given a cheeky hint that a digital edition of the Frosthaven board game could be in development with Twin Sails Interactive. Cephalofair’s Price Johnson and Twin Sails’ Romain Messer delivered a Twitch live stream on Thursday to recap new features in the Gloomhaven digital edition, giving a coded answer when a fan asks a simple question: “Is Frosthaven getting a digital edition?”

Johnson and Messer struggle to suppress their grins when they answer. Johnson says: “That’d be cool wouldn’t it, Romain?”, to which Messer replies “Yeah, it would be great!” A classic PR response, which neither confirms nor denies that a digital board game version of Frosthaven is in the works – but strongly hints that it’s under way.

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You can check out the exchange on the Twitch recording, at the 26:55 mark.

As our Frosthaven review attests, the recently released dungeon crawler is one of the best board games around. Its big brother used Gloomhaven to hold that title, but as we note in our Gloomhaven review, the original big box is no longer the best way to get into the series – the digital edition is absolutely the way to go.

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Cephalofair is midway through a crowdfunding campaign for a whole stack of Gloomhaven goodies, starting with the Gloomhaven RPG. Thursday’s live stream recapped news that a 1.0 version of Gloomhaven digital is coming to consoles on September 18, including the Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X and Xbox One. Messer confirms that cross-platform multiplayer will be possible at launch.

Fans can also look forward to a Gloomhaven second edition in cardboard. According to Johnson, there aren’t currently plans to integrate the changes into the digital edition of the game.

There’s also the solo spin-off, Buttons & Bugs, which is already at the heart of a Board Game Geek review score war. When Wargamer interviewed Johnson last month we were surprised to learn that Buttons & Bugs designer Joe Klipfel – who came to Cephalofair’s attention with a miniaturised version of Gloomhaven called Gloomholdin’ – had never played the original game before he received his contract.