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Games Workshop will hire you to dream up new Warhammer models

Warhammer maker Games Workshop is hiring for a "Citadel Miniatures Conceptualiser" to produce concept drawings and sketches of new Warhammer models

Games Workshop jobs Miniatures Conceptualiser - Warhammer Community photo showing a Citadel Miniatures Conceptualiser at work at a design tablet computer

Games Workshop, owner and creator of Warhammer 40k and Age of Sigmar, is currently hiring for the fantastically-titled job role “Citadel Miniatures Conceptualiser” to create “radical and experimental” concept drawings and sketches for new miniatures in GW’s multifarious tabletop games. The position, published in a recent ad on GW’s official jobs site, is based in GW’s Warhammer World HQ in Nottingham, UK, and applications close on Sunday, January 23.

Per the ad, Miniatures Conceptualisers receive briefs from senior designers for the new minis needed – and must “produce exciting and inspiring concepts, sketches and drawings” for them, which will then be worked on, and collaboratively whittled down into final designs. According to a 2018 Warhammer Community article about this part of GW’s operation, this involves “producing dozens of sketches on a daily basis”.

GW says its ideal candidate would have “good aesthetic judgement” and “The thirst for historical and cultural knowledge and references in order to create new and unique intellectual property”. Applicants have to provide a letter or video about why they want the job – but are encouraged to attach their own drawings that “reflect the core aesthetics for Warhammer”, too.

As is usual with Games Workshop job listings, there’s no public indication as to salary or hours – but the ad does confirm you’ll get what appear to be the standard company benefits: 25 days holiday a year plus the eight UK public holidays; employer matching pension contributions up to 7.5%; a profit share bonus that pays out if the company performs well; and a staff discount of 25-50% on GW products.

If you’re interested, you can apply through GW’s official job ad.

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