HOI4 console commands – all Hearts of Iron 4 cheats 2023

A comprehensive list of all the best HOI4 console commands - a.k.a. cheat codes - to boost and/or spice up your next Hearts of Iron 4 campaign

HOI4 console commands a standing on top of tank as it drives onto a beach

In a complex, intricate grand strategy sandbox like Hearts of Iron 4, using a few HOI4 console commands here and there is fine by us – after all, the game can be seriously challenging. Even the most grizzled strategy veterans find this WW2 game tough to master; struggling to balance military tactics with the harsh demands of a war economy.


It’s a good job, then, that there’s a bunch of Hearts of Iron 4 cheats knocking around to make your warring that little bit easier. Activated using console commands, some provide minor economic boosts, while others totally overhaul your nation’s military potential. They might be applied tentatively to give yourself a one-up when you’re in dire straits, or could be furiously abused for a quick path to world domination.

We’ve listed the best HOI4 cheats below, and split them into two categories – essential and auxiliary – so you can quickly browse for the console command you need. Once you’ve found your feet, check out our guides to the best Hearts of Iron 4 mods and Hearts of Iron 4 DLC, too.

And, if you’re on the lookout for codes, commands, and cheats for other PC games – hit up our sister site CodesDb for a massive database of the best free game codes.

Hearts of Iron 4 cheats

To use these Hearts of Iron 4 cheats, you’ll first have to open the game’s command console. Load up a save file and press the TAB key to bring up the panel (the key might differ between keyboards, so try ~, `, “, or ^ if nothing happens). After that, simply type in the relevant console command code, and slam the enter button. Hey presto, you’ve just activated a cheat!

Some codes will require a ‘country tag’ or ‘state ID’ to use. Finding these is super easy using our HOI4 country tags guide, which lists every country tag in the game. Or, if you want to create more work for yourself, open the command console, enter tdebug, and hover your cursor over the relevant country to reveal an info panel. The country tag will be a three-letter code (e.g. POL for Poland), and its other IDs will be listed.

As a final word of advice, it’s best to save your game before entering a console command. They’re unlikely to corrupt your save file, but it would be a shame if you entered the wrong code by mistake, and cheated any more than you had to.

HOI4 console commands infantry charge forwards through tank traps on a beach

HOI4 console commands

We’ve separated the cheats into two categories: essential Hearts of Iron 4 console commands, and extra console commands that are handy but more situational. Have a browse of each – they’re all worthwhile.

Essential HOI4 console commands

  • manpower [amount] – Adds a specified amount of manpower to your reserves
  • nu [number] – Adds the specified amount of National Unity to your pool
  • xp [XP amount] – Add a specified amount of XP to your Army, Navy, and Air forces
  • pp [political power amount] – Add a specified amount of political power to your pool
  • instantconstruction – Completes all construction tasks instantly. Can be toggled on or off
  • focus.autocomplete – Instantly complete your National Focus
  • research_on_icon_click – Instantly research any technology you click on in the tech tree
  • research [slot ID | all] – Research a specified technology slot, or all technologies at once
  • allowdiplo – Removes all diplomacy rules, letting you freely use all diplomatic actions
  • ai_accept – Makes AI opponents accept all diplomatic offers
  • winwars – Gives you the maximum war score for every current war
    debug_nuking – Removes all nuke rules, letting you use nukes against any province
  • gain_xp [amount] – Add a specified amount of XP to a selected General, Admiral, or Leader
  • gain_xp [trait] – Add a specified trait to a selected General, Admiral, or Leader
  • cp [amount] – Increase your Command Power by a specified amount (capped to 100%)
  • st [amount] – Increase your Government’s stability by a specified amount (capped to 100%)
  • ws [amount] – Increase your nation’s War Support by a specified amount (capped to 100%)
  • instant_prepare – Naval invasion preparations are instantaneous. Requires debug mode to be activated by entering tdebug into the command console
  • fow – Removes fog of war. Toggle on or off

HOI4 console commands Rommel standing on top of a tank in the desert

Extra HOI4 console commands

  • teleport [province ID] – Teleport all selected units to the target province.
  • tag [country tag] – Change the country you’re playing as
  • Allowtraits – Lets you freely assign traits to Generals and Admirals.
  • add_equipment [amount] [name] – Add a specified amount of a selected equipment type to your national supply.
  • add_latest_equipment [amount] – Add a specified amount of the latest equipment type used to your supply.
  • whitepeace(wp) [country tags] – Impose a White Peace between two specified countries.
  • event [event ID] [country tag] – Executes an event in the target country.
  • annex [country tag] – Begin annexing the target country
  • add_opinion [country tag] – Increase the specified country’s opinion of you by 100
  • observe – Makes you a spectator in the game
  • spawn [sub unit type] [province ID] [amount] – Spawns the specified unit in a target province Requires debug mode to be activated by entering tdebug into the command console
  • setowner [country tag] – Give ownership of a state to a specified country. Select the state with your cursor before entering the code
  • setcontroller [country tag] [province ID] – Give control of a province to a specified country
  • fuel [amount] – Add a specified amount of fuel to your deposits
  • civilwar [ideology] [target country tag] – Create a civil war in the target country, instigated by one of four ideologies: ‘communism’, ‘fascism’, ‘democratic,’ or ‘neutral’
  • add_party_popularity [ideology group] [value] – Add a specified amount of popularity to the chosen ideological group: ‘communism’, ‘fascism’, ‘democratic,’ or ‘neutral’.
  • set_ruling_party [ideology group] – Make the specified ideological group the ruling party, from ‘communism’, ‘fascism’, ‘democratic,’ or ‘neutral’
  • Focus.NoChecks – Lets you ignore National Focus requirements
  • Focus.IgnorePrerequisites – Lets you ignore National Focus prerequisites
  • Decision.NoChecks – Lets you ignore Decision requirements
  • instanttraining – Divisions and ships are instantaneously trained
  • nuke [number] – Adds the specified number of nukes to your reserves
  • add_core [state ID] [country tag] – Makes the specified state a ‘core’ of the target country
  • Prevent_operative_detection – Prevents your operatives from being detected
  • Nomapicons – Removes icons from the map. Toggle on or off.
  • Nopausetext – Removes text on the pause menu. Toggle on or off
  • Instant_wargoal – Lets you use any war goal without a justification