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HoI4 country tags list

The full list of unique three letter Hearts of Iron 4 country tags - use them to activate powerful console command cheats in Paradox's WW2 game.

HOI4 country tags famous generals of WW2 standing next to each other

Did you know that every nation in Hearts of Iron 4 is assigned a HOI4 country tag? Many of the game’s console command ‘cheats’ require you to enter a three-letter country tag to specify where you want to foment that revolution, or trigger that civil war. To save you memorising them all, this HOI4 country tags guide includes every national ID in the game – from Belgium to Australia, Russia to Paraguay, Mongolia to Mexico.


If you’re not quite sure how to use these country tags, read our HOI4 console commands guide, then come back here. Or take your alt history sandbox in new directions with our guides to HOI4 DLC packs, the best HOI4 mods, and nearly impossible HOI4 achievements. For a massive database of codes, cheats and commands across your favourite games, check our sister site CodesDb for the latest game codes.

For now, though, here’s the list! Each tag is a three-letter abbreviation of its representing state, so browse to find whichever country you’re after, or maybe become inspired for the location of your next territorial conquest.

HOI4 country tags

Country Tag
Afghanistan AFG
Albania ALB
Angola ANG
Argentina ARG
Australia AST
Austria AUS
Belgium BEL
Bhutan BHU
Bolivia BOL
Brazil BRA
British Malaya MAL
British Raj RAJ
Bulgaria BUL
Chile CHL
China CHI
Colombia COL
Communist China PRC
Costa Rica COS
Cuba CUB
Czechoslovakia CZE
Denmark DEN
Dominican Republic DOM
Dominion of Canada CAN
Dutch East Indies INS
Ecuador ECU
El Salvador ELS
Estonia EST
Ethiopia ETH
Finland FIN
France FRA
German Republic  GER
Greece GRE
Guangxi Clique GXC
Guatemala GUA
Haiti HAI
Honduras HON
Iceland ICE
Iran PER
Iraq IRQ
Ireland IRE
Italy ITA
Japan JAP
Kingdom of Hungary HUN
Kingdom of Romania ROM
Latvia LAT
Liberia LIB
Lithuania  LIT
Luxembourg LUX
Manchukuo MAN
Mengkukuo MEN
Mexico MEX
Mongolia MON
Nepal NEP
Netherlands HOL
New Zealand NZL
Nicaragua NIC
Norway NOR
Oman OMA
Panama PAN
Paraguay PAR
Peru PRU
Philippines PHI
Poland POL
Portugal POR
Saudi Arabia SAU
Shanxi SHX
Siam SIA
Sinkiang SIK
South Africa SAF
Soviet Union SOV
Spain (Republican) SPR
Spain (Nationalist) D01
Sweden SWE
Switzerland SWI
Tannu Tuva TAN
 Tibet TIB
Turkey TUR
United Kingdom ENG
United States USA
Uruguay URG
Venezuela VEN
Xibei San Ma XSM
Yemen YEM
Yugoslavia YUG
Yunnan YUN

HOI4 country tags an American tank emerging out of the sea

HOI4 releasable country tags

Country Tag
Algeria ALG
Angola ANG
Azerbaijan AZR
Bahamas BAH
Bangladesh BAN
Belize BLZ
Bosnia-Herzegovina BOS
Botswana BOT
Burma BRM
Burundi BRD
Cameroon CMR
Central Africa CAR
Chad CHA
Confederacy of American States CSA
Congo-Brazzaville RCG
Côte d’Ivoire IVO
Croatia CRO
Dahomey DAH
 Djibouti DJI
East Germany DDR
Equatorial Guinea EQG
Eritrea ERI
Gabon GAB
Gambia GAM
Ghana GHA
Guinea GNA
Guinea-Bissau GNB
Guyana GYA
Israel ISR
Jamaica JAM
Kazakhstan KAZ
Kenya KEN
Kingdom of Egypt EGY
Kingdom of Jordan JOR
Kingdom of Libya LBA
Kingdom of Morocco MOR
Korea KOR
Kuwait KUW
Kyrgyzstan KYR
Lebanon LEB
Malawi MLW
Maldives MLD
Mali MLI
Malta MLT
Mauritania MRT
Melanesian Federation FIJ
Moldova MOL
Mozambique MZB
Namibia NMB
Netherlands Antilles CRC
Niger NGR
Nigeria NGA
Northern Ireland NIR
Pakistan PAK
Palestine PAL
Papua New Guinea PNG
Puerto Rico PUE
Republic of Armenia  ARM
Republic of Belarus BLR
Republic of Cambodia CAM
Republic of Cayenne CAY
Republic of Cyprus CYP
Republic of Georgia GEO
Republic of Guadeloupe GDL
Republic of Laos LAO
Republic of Macedonia MAC
Republic of Madagascar MAD
Republic of Montenegro MNT
Republic of Qatar QAT
Republic of Slovenia SLV
Republic of Suriname SUR
Republic of Tajikistan TAJ
Republic of The British Antilles BAS
Republic of Trinidad and Tobago TRI
Republic of Turkmenistan TMS
Republic of Ukraine UKR
Republic of Uzbekistan UZB
Republic of Vietnam VIN
Rwanda  RWA
Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic WES
Scotland SCO
Senegal SEN
Serbia SER
Sierra Leone SIE
Slovakia SLO
Somali Sultanate SOM
Sudan SUD
Sri Lanka SRL
Syria SYR
Tanzania TZN
Togo TOG
Tunisia TUN
Uganda UGA
Unaligned States of America USB
United Arab Emirates UAE
Upper Volta VOL
Wales WLS
West Germany WGR
Zaire COG
Zambia ZAM
Zimbabwe ZIM

HOI4 country tags Rommel standing atop a tank in the desert

HOI4 console commands

Here’s a pick of the best HOI4 console commands to use with the country tags above. For the full gamut of commands, read our complete HOI4 cheats guide.

  • tag [country tag] – Change the country you’re playing as
  • annex [country tag] – Begin annexing the target country
  • setowner [country tag] – Give ownership of a state to a specified country. Select the state with your cursor before entering the code
  • White (wp) [country tags] – Impose a White Peace between two specified countries
  • add_opinion [country tag] – Increase the specified country’s opinion of you by 100
  • civilwar [ideology] [target country tag] – Create a civil war in the target country instigated by one of four ideologies: ‘communism’, ‘fascism’, ‘democratic,’ or ‘neutral’
  • event [event ID] [country tag] – Executes an event in the target country.