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Casting call seeks autistic and ‘amazingly creative’ LEGO builder

A casting service is looking for a LEGO builder with autism to talk about how it affects them in their hobby, offering $6000 for a five minute video

LEGO - a lego depiction of london landmarks

A casting service is looking to pay an autistic LEGO builder to talk about their creations and autism in a short video. Fruitcake Casting put out a call on casting site Backstage for “an amazingly creative LEGO builder” that identifies as “not neuro-typical”, apparently as part of a project for Autism Awareness and LEGO.

Fruitcake Casting is offering $6077 / £5000 for a ‘5+’ minute video that’s intended to be posted on LEGO’s YouTube channel and social media. The successful candidate will need to talk about their LEGO hobby, their creativity, and how autism affects – “helps or hinders” – them. The ad says that ideally the company wants someone who is “comfortable filming themselves” but adds that “their LEGO creations are the most important consideration.”

The gig is open to anyone over 18, provided they are a) autistic b) really good at LEGO. Fruitcake Casting is a London-based company, but the ad suggests it’s seeking talent from anywhere in the world.

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