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Lego board game coming from Ticket to Ride publisher Asmodee

Board game publisher Asmodee is teaming up with Lego to produce a Lego board game where you work together to build a monkey's palace.

Lego board game monkey palace

Ticket to Ride publisher Asmodee is collaborating with the Lego Group on a board game called Monkey Palace. Announced in a press release on January 25, this game will challenge players to build a unique jungle-themed palace out of Lego bricks, working together on the construction, but competing to earn points.

Planned for release on October 3, the Lego board game will be unveiled at Nuremberg Toy Fair, which takes place January 30 – February 3. It’s far from the first time we’ve seen the two hobbies collide – we’ve an entire guide to the world’s best Lego board games – but it’s the first new one to be released in quite a while.


Monkey Palace will be a family board game for two to four players that is suited for all age groups. The release describes it as a light strategy board game that has both cooperative and competitive elements. It explains that “players must strategically work together to construct the Monkey Palace while competing for the highest brick income and points, all under the watchful gaze of the Monkey.”

What’s this monkey watching so closely for, we ask ourselves? We wonder if this stately simian might break off parts of the palace if displeased, but perhaps he’s just a bit of a control freak.

Lego board game asmodee trailer

Monkey Palace is scheduled for release on October 3, the first day of board game trade fair Spiel Essen. Apparently, on that date it will be available to purchase both at Essen and at “select leading retailers around the world”.

Based in France, Asmodee is a large board game publisher, with multiple notable subsidiaries including Days of Wonder and Fantasy Flight Games. It’s published many of the best board games, from Pandemic to Gloomhaven.

In the press release, Lego’s board game lead Jaume Fabregat stressed Monkey Palace’s replayability. “The game challenges kids and adults alike to use LEGO elements to build, unbuild and rebuild their palaces, creating a fun play experience where no two games are the same,” he said.

“This latest collaboration allows us to bring even more creative and innovative ways to play.”

Coincidentally, a fan submitted a fab Lego version of Ticket to Ride to Lego Ideas just two weeks ago. Perhaps they knew something we didn’t! 

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