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Lego Ticket to Ride recreates classic board game in brick form

The classic gateway board game Ticket to Ride: Europe could become an official Lego Ideas set, if this new fan design gains enough support.

Lego Ticket to Ride Ideas design by GingerMeister

One board game fan has created a Lego Ticket to Ride, substituting the tabletop title’s trains for bricks. The unofficial design was shared to the Lego Ideas website on January 18 by user GingerMeister. According to GingerMeister, this might be “the first official attempt anyone has made at recreating this iconic game” in Lego form.

If you’ve not come across Lego Ideas before, it’s a website run in affiliation with The Lego Group where fans can submit designs. The best Lego sets of the bunch often become official new Lego sets, with the original creator receiving a 1% cut of royalties. We’ve seen a Lego DnD set become a proper product in the past, so maybe it’s time for a brick-based board game, too.

GingerMeister’s design recreates the world map from Ticket to Ride: Europe, complete with a points tracker and railway routes of various colors. Also apparently included in the build are tiny trains in four colors, designed to be placed by four different players.

Lego Ticket to Ride Ideas design by GingerMeister

Honestly, the map in this build is pretty spot on, with the correct number of train spaces on each route. GingerMeister also promises that you can “hold the board upside down and nothing will fall”. “Every brick representing a route is secured to the base map, which was a very iterative challenge in replicating the European version of the game”, they write in their Lego Ideas post.

Despite this, the design isn’t fully functional just yet. The Europe Ticket to Ride expansion has a maximum player count of five (and from the pictures, we can’t see any black trains for a fifth player). Plus, it requires an awful lot of paper cards to be playable.

Lego Ticket to Ride Ideas design by GingerMeister

However, when asked if route and train cards will be added, GingerMeister says in a comment that “it’s on the improvements list”. “Wasn’t sure whether to create them out of tiles or re-design the artwork on the cards to depict Lego”, they add.

A Lego Ideas set idea is reviewed by The Lego Group after its post receives 10,000 supporter votes. At that point, it may be chosen to become an official product. GingerMeister’s design current has 267 supporters.

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