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Fan design turns DungeonQuest board game into Lego set

There’s a lot of crossover between board games fans and Lego lovers, and one person from both camps has designed a DungeonQuest Lego set.

Lego Dungeonquest set and DungeonQuest board game

One tabletop gaming fan has created a Lego DungeonQuest board game set to celebrate their love for the iconic ‘80s title. Posted to the LegoIdeas website on December 27, 2023, Legolars0217’s design recreates the board in miniature, complete with dungeons and treasury.

DungeonQuest is a fantasy board game with a heavy emphasis on dungeon-crawling mechanics. Up to four players enter Dragon Castle, where they compete to see who can claim the most treasure – and make it out alive. Many people (Legolars0217 included, we’re sure) would argue it’s one of the best board games of its era.

Lego DungeonQuest board game set

Obviously, this is a fan-made Lego set rather than an official one. But if a design shared to LegoIdeas gains enough support from the community, the Lego Company will consider producing it as a legitimate product. The designer’s reward is credit, bragging rights, and 1% of the product’s profits.

While DungeonQuest has sold well worldwide, Legolars0217 says their design is primarily based on the original Swedish version from 1985, Drakborgen. Their original vision was “a full copy of the original game”, but the set would have needed 7,300 pieces (making it the biggest Lego set of all time). This final version has been shrunk and simplified, “but now the model at least has an acceptable number of pieces”.

Close-up of Lego DungeonQuest board game

It may not be a faithful recreation, but you can still play the Lego DungeonQuest – provided you have a copy of the actual tabletop title. “My version is fully compatible with the cards from Drakborgen and DungeonQuest, just replace the board, the room tiles, the hero figures and the counter for the sun with this Legoversions, and then, just start playing”, Legolars0217 writes in the LegoIdeas post.

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