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The best Lego Space sets

The best Lego space sets range from fun rocket ships you can pilot around, to realistic builds that show some of science's greatest achievements.

Lego Space Shuttle opened up with innards showing.

From Lego Space Shuttles to a working orrery showing the Earth’s orbit, there are an awful lot of Space Lego sets available. That’s because Space is one of the oldest Lego themes. Those Danish brick-builders have been pumping out space-themed builds that cover sci-fi and real life space exploration since the 1970s.

Most recently, Lego revived the Lego Space theme for 2024, with a whole new range of detailed models. Here we’ve found some of the best Lego sets from the Space theme. Most of these are new Lego sets which are still in stock, but we’ve also found a couple of older kits that still seem to be available online.

So polish your helmet, pack your star chart, and let’s take a look at the best Lego Space sets

Lego NASA Space Shuttle Discovery

The best big Lego Space build

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Lego NASA Space Shuttle Discovery specifications:
Brick count 2,354
RRP $199.99
Release date April 1, 2021
Height 21 cm
Width 34 cm
Depth 54 cm
Reasons to buy
  • Accurate rendition of a real spaceship
  • You get a Hubble Telescope to boot
  • Educational detail and moving parts
Reasons to avoid
  • Heavy use of stickers
  • No orange tank or booster section

There’ve been many, many different Lego Space Shuttles over the years (one more appears on this list in fact), but none are as impressive as this stonking kit, made in partnership with NASA to show off the Discovery.

This Lego Space set is packed with realistic detail. It features tons of moving parts, from flaps to landing gear, to a robotic arm that can be used to deploy the Hubble Telescope. That’s a pretty awesome part of this Discovery build too – you get another mini kit included in the box.

The Lego Space Shuttle makes a great display piece, and you can set it up in multiple ways, allowing for a bit of personalization. You could place the build with the Hubble and Discovery separate, with the telescope stowed on board, or with the telescope in mid-deployment.

Lego City Modular Space Station

The best Lego Space kit for play

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Lego City Modular Space Station specifications:
Brick count 1,097
RRP $109.99
Release date 1 January, 2024
Reasons to buy
  • Varied and unique minifigures
  • Super customizable
Reasons to avoid
  • Modules don’t actually rotate
  • Hard to display

With eight modules with different functions that can be combined in different ways – or even joined up into a funky space train – plus a range of unique minifigures, the Modular Space Station is great for play, and definitely one of the highlights of Lego City’s 2024 jaunt into space.

The build looks familiar yet futuristic at the same time. That’s because it’s modeled off a rotating wheel space station, an idea that has been around for years as a way to create artificial gravity, has appeared in numerous movies and books, but has never been deployed in real life. This build would also make a great display piece, but you’d have to find a suitable stand.

Lego Creator 3-in-1 Space Shuttle

Most affordable Lego Space set

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Lego Creator 3-in-1 Space Shuttle specifications:
Brick count 144
RRP $9.99
Release date March 1, 2021
Reasons to buy
  • Low price
  • Comes with minifigure
Reasons to avoid
  • Will make you hungry for the big versions

It’s honestly astonishing how much detail this cheap Lego set manages to sneak into its 144 bricks. Like the rest of this range, the Creator Space Shuttle set is actually three builds in one. It’s basically three smaller versions of three existing Lego models – as you can see, there’s a version of the Discovery/Hubble set above, but then you can take it apart and make a lunar lander or a rocket.

What’s clear is how great this set is for play. It comes with a Lego minifigure that can have hair or a helmet on, and works with the other builds. And kids will have a blast making and playing with the different space-themed vehicles.

Lego Tales of the Space Age

A minimalist Lego artwork inspired by space

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Lego Tales of the Space Age specifications:
Brick count 688
RRP $49.99
Release date May 5, 2023
Reasons to buy
  • Effective and economical
  • Even better with lighting
Reasons to avoid
  • Flat art pieces can be boring to construct

A lovely little display piece that doesn’t take up a ton of space, Tales of the Space Age is an artistic Space Lego set inspired by 1980s sci-fi posters and book covers. Using color, contrast, and negative space to great effect ,fan designer Jan Woźnica made this build to celebrate sci-fi.

There are lots of options for displaying this build – though they definitely look best all together, you could hang them from a wall or place them on a shelf, and they’ll look great in any order or position.

It’s a very quick build – which might be a pro or a con for you, depending on what kind of Lego Space kit you’re seeking. It’s probably a good thing in this case, since, if larger, the construction process would get quite dull and repetitive.

Lego Planet Earth and Moon in Orbit

The most educational Lego Space set

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Lego Planet Earth and Moon in Orbit specifications:
Brick count 526
RRP $74.99
Release date March 4, 2024
Reasons to buy
  • Educational toy that will fascinate young people
  • Highly innovative
Reasons to avoid
  • The spherical planets don’t feel very Lego
  • Expensive for its size

The newest Lego set appearing on this list, the Planet Earth and Moon in Orbit is an awesome Lego Technic set that breaks new ground for the line. With the moving, gear driven parts Technic is known for, the Lego company has produced a working orrery, with spinning, orbiting Earth and Moon that accurately portray the movements of these celestial bodies.

This is the Lego Space set that arguably does the most to teach you how space works, with labels that show the phases of the moon, and how the Earth’s tilt affects the seasons.

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