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In-person drafts will earn you MTG Arena rewards this May

Paper Magic: The Gathering collides with MTG Arena in a new scheme that lets you pick up digital rewards from real-world TCG drafts.

MTG Arena draft token symbol and Wizards of the Coast art from Outlaws of Thunder Junction

Wizards of the Coast is offering MTG Arena draft rewards to players who draft in person throughout May. According to an official Magic: The Gathering blog post from April 29, “all you have to do is use your Wizards Account that is connected to MTG Arena to enter and play in a Booster Draft event at your local WPN store”.

You’ll need to complete three MTG drafts to gain all the rewards from this offer. After your first draft, you’ll get a new card style for High Noon. The second draft gives you a Goblin card sleeve to decorate your MTG Arena deck. Finally, you’ll earn an MTG Arena draft token for your third and final draft. These will apparently appear in your MTGA inbox on or after June 10.

The value for money isn’t extraordinary here. After all, you’re paying real money for three drafts, and the reward is one free draft online.

But it is nice to see Magic: The Gathering blur the lines between its physical and online play spaces. And hey, if you were planning on drafting the latest MTG set anyway, why not score some sweet sleeves? You can learn more about this event on the Wizards of the Coast blog.

I love playing Magic online, but it’s mainly because I don’t have to talk to anyone. So you won’t see me collecting a draft token at my Local Game Store. Instead, I’ll be here on Wargamer, sharing news and updates from this year’s MTG release schedule. If you’d like more Magic stories to read, be sure to give us a follow on Google News, too.