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MTG Arena codes are turning up on Hot Pockets now

Is a Meatball and Mozzarella Hot Pocket the marketing move of the century for the digital TCG, MTG Arena? Probably not, but it is kind of funny

MTG arena hot pockets - product photo of a hot pocket over Wizards of the Coast art of Gideon plunging a sword downwards

Magic: The Gathering fans have spotted new, exclusive MTG Arena codes, and they’re hidden behind a Hot Pockets paywall. Several social media posts from February 13 show packaging for the microwaveable snacks that includes art of MTG planeswalker Gideon and the promise of “exclusive in-game content with purchase”. So far, we’ve only seen the MTG Arena logo on Meatballs and Mozzarella flavour.

Twitter user LessAlex shared his discovery on the social media site, and the MTG community immediately saw the funny side of the sponsorship. After Reddit user u/zeLangweenee shared an image of the same product, Redditors started doing a little detective work. Their communal efforts uncovered exactly how you can redeem the Hot Pockets codes.

MTG Arena hot pockets tweet

Firstly, you’ll need to buy specially marked Hot Pockets products before June 30. You’ll then need to upload a picture of your receipt to a dedicated Hot Pockets/MTG web page within 30 days of purchase. As of writing, this link doesn’t seem to work. Finally, you should end up with at least one code. Two-packs unlock a single code, while 12-packs can be redeemed for five.

The Reddit post even claims to know exactly what the Hot Pockets codes unlock. In order of redemption, the rewards are:

  • A pre-constructed MTG Arena deck
  • A planeswalker avatar
  • Planeswalker deck sleeves
  • 2,000 experience points
  • 2,000 experience points (again)

There seems to be a limit of five codes per person. Participants must also be over 16 and have an MTG Arena account. The fine print of the packaging also seems to point out that Hot Pockets producer Nestle is the promotion’s sponsor, not Wizards of the Coast.