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MTG Arena raises prices in Europe

MTG Arena is getting more expensive in Europe, apparently due to VAT costs, with the price of gems rising by approximately 10% across the board.

MTG: artwork showing a large blue crystal

MTG Arena is about to become more expensive for players in Europe, as gem costs go up by 10%. On Tuesday, fans subscribed to the MTG Arena newsletter were told that Wizards of the Coast is hiking up its gem prices “to create pricing parity across devices and platforms throughout Europe, to better account for VAT”.

Previously gem costs were the same in euros and dollars – which, given the exchange rate, already meant European customers were effectively paying more. Now prices for PC players in Europe are rising by approximately 10%. For instance, 750 gems will now cost €5.49 instead of €4.99, while 1,600 gems (just above the amount required for a premier draft) will rise from €9.99 to €10.99. We’ve included the new price list below:

Gems Previous EUR price New EUR price
750 4.99 5.49
1,600 9.99 10.99
3,400 19.99 21.99
9,200 49.99 53.99
10,000 99.99 107.99

The price hike will come into effect on May 18, 2023, and will only impact those paying in euros. Perhaps strangely, it was not included in the Arena announcement that came out May 15, announcing new cosmetics and events.

MTG Arena arrives on Steam next week, on May 23, and is likely to come with an influx of new players. Try out the best MTG Arena decks here if you want to show the newbies what’s what. Or if you’re a new player, check out all the different MTG Arena codes – they can unlock you free packs!