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Fan artist mashes up MTG cards with the best movies on IMDb

In the sequel to his Paddington Photoshop series, Magic fan artist Geoffrey Palmer plans to blend MTG card art with the top movies of all time

MTG goblin on a bench with forrest gump

MTG loves an unexpected crossover – just look at all those Universes Beyond products! Now Magic: The Gathering fan artist and animator Geoffrey Palmer is inserting MTG characters and creatures into the worlds of famous movies, in a new Photoshop project that’ll take him the better part of a year.

In 2022, we fell in love with Palmer’s 200 MTG card Photoshops featuring the marmalade munching ursine Paddington popped into card art. Now he plans to tackle the entire IMDB top 250 movies list, creating a new MTG movie themed Photoshop every weekday. (Though he says he’ll swap sensitive films out for a fan chosen flick.)

“In the first series we took beloved Paddington and brought him into the world of Magic: The Gathering,” Palmer explained, in a video posted to Twitter on January 23. “For the second series I’m going to take another medium that we all know and love and bring the world of Magic: the Gathering to it.”

The artist, who has created tons of animated versions of MTG card art, and whose Paddington MTG series went viral last year, is now up to Day 16 of the challenge, and we await ‘The Matrix’ photoshop later today.

The ‘Magic At the Movies’ series is far more subtle than Paddington – look at Sensei’s Divining Top, for instance, not at all easy to spot at a glance. So far it’s not proved as popular, but Palmer is untroubled.

“As I said when I finished Paddington I don’t know if I’ll ever make something that popular again, and that’s fine. I’m doing it because I love it, and it’s going to be its own thing.”

The artist began the series sponsored by CoolStuffInc, but recently decided to opt out of this deal. He explained in another video that the sponsored element was too prominent, and made the artwork look like an advertisement rather than sponsored content.

There’s sadly still no word on a Paddington MTG Secret Lair, but certainly some of these top movies will eventually get the Universes Beyond treatment. There’s already an MTG Lord of the Rings set on the way, for example.