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Magic: The Gathering now has $975 beanbag for 30th anniversary

You’ve seen the $999 30th Anniversary MTG card packs, now try the $975 MTG beanbag, part of a cross promo between Magic: The Gathering and LoveSac

Magic: The Gathering cards beanbag

Magic: The Gathering has teamed up with American furniture retailer LoveSac on one of the strangest collaborations we’ve seen to date – a $975 beanbag covered in MTG cards, created in honour of the card game’s 30th Anniversary.

You might’ve thought the MTG Universes Beyond crossovers were becoming a bit over the top, what with Final Fantasy and Assassin’s Creed joining the Magic club soon enough, but none of us were prepared for the beanbag crosspromo.

On Friday evening, LoveSac announced the team up with Wizards of the Coast on the beanbag-like chair, (though the website clarifies the upsettingly named sacs are not beanbags, since they’re filled with Durafoam rather than beans). The design incorporates famous Magic cards from across the game’s history: MTG cards like Sun Titan, Birds of Paradise, Siege Rhino, and Nicol Bolas.

Magic: The Gathering cards beanbag - a closeup of the MTG lovesac centred on the 30th anniversary logo

The chair’s being sold on the LoveSac website alongside a Phyrexia: All Will Be One set booster box for $975. Or if you already own a different MovieSac chair – so named because at four feet wide, three feet seven inches high, they’re apparently the perfect size for movie-watching – you can get the booster box and just the Sac cover for $400.

The MTG LoveSacs are apparently only available for a limited time, though dates have not been given. They’re said (by the seller) to be the closest thing to sitting “on an actual cloud” – only hopefully not quite as soggy.

While nothing is confirmed, this may not be the only LoveSac collaboration coming around Valentine’s Day. There may also be a new MTG Secret Lair just around the corner. No official spoilers have been shown off yet, but we’ve seen images floating around of a bunch of Magic card art featuring… beanbags.