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MTG Dandân format continues to serve up 300% price spikes

One of Magic: The Gathering's most obscure formats, Dandân, has caused loads of MTG cards to spike, with new price rises emerging even now.

MTG Dandan - artwork showing a person with glowing eyes pouring a blue glowing liquid into a goblet.

While the initial hype seems to have worn off, Magic: The Gathering’s strangest format Dandân (or Forgetful Fish) is still causing ripples in the secondary market. Another card, Metamorphose has spiked by 300%, and others continuing to soar, even as prices begin to crash for some of the key cards in the format.

Dandân, in case you’re unfamiliar, is a casual Magic: The Gathering format in which both players share a deck and graveyard, and the unassuming Arabian Nights card Dandân is the only permitted source of damage. It blew up after YouTuber Rhystic Studies covered the format, with the Dandân card’s price shooting up to $7 (from a starting point of less than a dollar).

While the big fish has now fallen back down to $3, and other relevant cards like Crystal Spray peaked in April, there are some surprise latecomers to the party. The big one is Metamorphose, which after a slow climb to the one dollar mark, shot up to $4 in just the last week. This card has only had one printing, in the MTG set Scourge. It’s pretty pants in regular Magic, but in this format you can use it to effectively steal a Dandân.

Diminishing Returns is another Forgetful Fish card worth watching. In this format it works as both card draw, mill, and mill protection – depending on your situation. It’s had a more normal climb to the top, going from $1 to $5.90 in the last month, but unlike other cards (for instance, Predict or Crystal Spray), it has yet to plateau or peak.

There are plenty of cards that have seen little to know movement, despite their importance to the Dandân format. Memory Lapse for instance, is a namesake card for Dandân – it’s the ‘forgetful’ in Forgetful Fish – but hasn’t risen in price at all, presumably because it’s had so many reprints over the years.

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