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WotC is putting lost cards from the 90s in MTG Dominaria United

Wizards of the Coast uncovered cases of booster boxes from one of the earliest MTG expansions, Legends, and put the cards in Dominaria United packs.

Magic The Gathering Dominaria United Legends 1994 - a woman looking at some Legends MTG cards with wide eyes.

The upcoming Magic: The Gathering set Dominaria United will include cards from its third ever expansion, Legends. Wizards of the Coast says these are not reprints, but actual cards from 1994 that are being re-released in modern packs. According to Thursday’s Dominaria United preview stream, they were discovered in long-forgotten cases in “a warehouse deep in the middle of nowhere, in Washington state”.

These cards will now be found in small numbers of Dominaria United Collectors Boosters – just three percent of the premium packs will have one. The ‘Lost Legends’, as Wizards is referring to them, include cards of every rarity, from awful commons like Kobolds of Kher Keep to Reserved List rares valued at thousands of dollars, such as The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale.

The rather convenient story for how they were rediscovered has certainly raised a few eyebrows, but the cards sure seem to be the real deal. The preview stream included video footage of Wizards staff cracking open tons of sealed Legends boxes. A single Legends booster box can go for tens of thousands of dollars, and dozens are seen in Wizards’ video – that’s a lot of money in one room.

Notably, this release allows Wizards to introduce more Reserved List cards into circulation (albeit in very small numbers), without needing to reprint anything. It’s perhaps no coincidence that MTG’s Head Designer Mark Rosewater chose this week to bring up the Reserved List controversy on his blog.

Magic The Gathering Dominaria United Legends 1994 - a group of people wearing face masks unboxing MTG Legends product.

Along with cards from the Legends expansion, Dominaria United will also celebrate its 30th anniversary with reimagined versions of old, out-dated Legends characters, such as Ramirez DePietro and Jasmine Boreal. These will be the set’s box toppers, and there’ll be 20 of them in total.

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Dominaria United has its global launch on September 9. For everything else coming out this year, check out our MTG 2022 release date guide.