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Old MTG card sees dramatic 485% price spike

The MTG card Dramatic Entrance hasn't seen much love in the 15 years it's been around, but never late than never - it's suddenly spiking hard.

MTG price spike Dramatic Entrance artwork

Dramatic Entrance, a green MTG card printed in the 2008 set Shadowmoor, has shot up in value over the last week, going from $2 to $11.70 in the past seven days. The card, which lets you play any green creature from your hand for five mana, has never seen a reprint, but nor has there been much demand for it up until now, so its cost has remained low.

In fact, this is the very first time there’s been significant movement on the card. Since it was printed 15 years ago, Dramatic Entrance’s price has remained pretty constant. There was one little jump from less than $1 to $4.50 in 2015, which at the time sparked some conspiracy theories about fake tournament results.

The MTG card Dramatic Entrance

The root cause of this particular price spike seems far less mysterious. MTG Stocks, which spotted the price jump, attributes it to a Youtuber, Aspiringspike. On April 14, this creator uploaded a video showing off a Modern deck that relied on the card. The timing’s line up perfectly, so this one is pretty open and shut.

This ‘Dramatic Atraxa’ deck is a controlling build that uses Dramatic Entrance to cheat out Atraxa, Grand Unifier – itself a card with an interesting price history. Only time will tell whether this is pure jank or the next greatest Modern deck.

A graph showing the changing price for dramatic entrance.

This isn’t the first time Magic: The Gathering content creators have appeared to have a direct impact on prices – early this month, Rhystic Studies showcased the niche format ‘DanDan’, seemingly causing a bunch of unloved cards to soar in value.

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