Fan creates new MTG Warhammer 40k deck with custom cards

One Warhammer 40k fan felt the recent MTG Commander crossover release needed even more primarchs – and created their own custom proxy deck

MTG fanmade Warhammer 40k deck - Warhammer Community art of Warmaster Horus

The worlds of Magic: The Gathering and Warhammer 40k recently collided with the release of four official MTG 40k Commander decks. However, one Warhammer fan felt the crossover could go even further, and they created their own custom version to bolster the grimdark ranks. Posted on Reddit on November 23, plenty of primarchs make an appearance in user u/Sporebuster’s fanmade MTG Warhammer 40k deck.

Horus Luperchal seems to be Sporebuster’s choice of grixis Commander, and his card turns Marchesa the Black Rose into Horus, the Warmaster. Konrad Curze has replaced Braids, Arisen Nightmare, while Zevlor, Elturel Exile has taken a trip through the Warp and come out the other side as Lorgar Aurelian.

As well as turning primarchs into legendary creatures, Sporebuster shows off a handful of other card types in their Reddit post. These are the enchantment Unspeakable Symbol, the instant Lethal Scheme, and the human rogue creature Agent of Treachery. Each has been given some fresh, 40k-themed art and flavour text.

Several Reddit users pointed out some typos in the cards, but Sporebuster explains this is their first time creating MTG proxies. Sporebuster says they originally created the deck using custom card site Card Conjurer – a website that was recently shut down by a cease and desist from Wizards of the Coast. They add that the cards were printed using the website Make Playing Cards.

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